Gift Guide| 10 unique ideas for Mother’s Day 

With just over a week now until Mother’s Day I’ve complied a Mothers Day gift guide with 10 really special gift ideas that will delight your  Mum whatever her age or interest. There’s a great range of budget friendly options too. 

It’s also a great inspiration finder if you are a Mum yourself and looking for a little treat. 

Beauty Must Haves: 

Fillerina Grade 2 Filler Gel Treatment Kit £89 Marks & Spencer’s 

This Skincare kit looks impressive and I love the ‘clinical’ feel to it. Despite first impression this is a not a needle application product but instead a topical, 2 step product that uses precision syringes for application. It features a mix of 6 different hyaluronic acids of varying molecular weight and size that are especially effective at penetrating the layers of the skin which allow tissues to be filled in and plumped up and comes on 3 grades, depending on your skin type and areas of concern. You need to drink lots of water for the product to work effectively but as we all don’t drink enough it’s a good excuse to also make sure you are getting your daily intake. 

If you, or your Mother are into Skincare this is defintly worth a try! 

Phil Smith haircare range From £2.99 Sainsbury 

A wonderful and afffordable hair care range from award winning hairstylist Phil Smith, who’s celebrity clients include Tess Daily and Michelle Keegan. Theres a wide range to suit different hair types, the colourful packaging is really fun and looks great on the bathroom shelf and the formulas are cruelty free.

Institut Esthderm Intense Hyaluronic Serum £49.50 Feel Unique 

I absolutely adore this Serum which uses 3 types of Hyaluronic acid to penetrate and hydrate the skin. If you or your mum have dry skin like mine then they will love it too. It’s gel like formula feels really refreshing on application and it literally feels like a big glass of water for your face. The smell is a delightful but light, fruity scent and I find the clinical packaging very reassuring. A new firm new favourite for me! 

Beefayre MummyBee Bath & Candle Gift Set £25

A lovely gift set for stressed out mums which contains relaxing Lavender & Geranium. The smell is amazing as soon as you open the pretty presentation box,  which contains a Body Wash, moisturising body lotion, lip balm and candles and I love the fact that Beefayre donate 3% of their profits to Bee conservation, a very worthy and important cause. 

Home comforts: 

Hoochie Mamma White Jasmine Candle £22 

This candle from online store Hoochie Mama had a sophisticated scent and comes in a glass jar with copper lid and is hand poured in the the UK using 100% Organic plant wax. With a burn time of up to 50 hours it’s great value too. Hoochie Mama have a great range of scented candles available all with either Silver or Copper lids, making them perfect whatever her style. 

Newby Tea ‘With Love’ Edition £22.95

When it comes to Tea, Newby are without a doubt connoisseur’s in their field, passionate about reintroducing the sophistication and culture of tea drinking. 

This gift set, which contains 16 individually wrapped tea bags is like opening a special treat. The Red Roses embossed packaging is as delightful as the teas themselves which come in silken pyramid bags and are mini works of art woth each tea beong individually wrapped in a beautiful illustrated foil envelope with instructions as to how to brew each particular blend to achieve optimum results and as a nod to the tradition and custom of tea making. The four flavours included are Strawberry & Mango, Roobibos Orange, Jasmine Princess &  Hunan Green. 

A very special tea gift for a very special person. 

ResMed S+ Sleep Monitor £129 John Lewis

Ask most mums what they want and the answer will most often then not be more sleep! So what could be better then giving her the gift of a good nights sleep? Resmed works wirelessly via an App on your phone or tablet to monitor sleep behaviour, highlighting how factors such as light and noise effect your sleep to allow for changes as well as features such as relaxing sleep signals, voice recording to-do lists that often pop into your head while trying to nod off and a natural waking up alarm that works softly to wake you gently from your slumber rather then the shock from an alarm clock. I love its slick modern look also, which is bedside table worthy. 

Zippo Hand-warmer £21.95 

Perfect for outdoorsey types, this compact and effective Hand Warmer from Zippo will keep her hands toasty for up to 6 hours on long country walks with the dog or simply on frosty school run mornings. Great for family camping trips too. 

Rookie Retro skates from £79.99 

This is perfect for fun loving mums who love spending time with the kids. Years ago my children bought be a beautiful and pretty bike for Mother’s Day and to this day it’s outshadowed any expensive creams or perfumes because of the wonderful memories I have of riding along Brighton beach with my brood on sunny Sundays. 2 kids later the bike hasn’t had much use but now my younger ones are getting bigger we can start our fun together again and these skates  are just the trick. I love the retro vibe of the Black & Gold together which will look great with skinny jeans and they are also perfect for mums looking for a fun way to keep in shape. have a wonderful selection for the whole family in a wide variety of styles and colours! 

Fouta Throw/towel by Heartisania £41.50 

This traditional Tunisian 100% Cotton throw was originally used in bath houses and is kilt funtional doubling up as a throw, blanket and towel. It’s perfect for summer holidays as it dries quickly too and it light weight and comes in a range of colours and is exclusive to Heartisania, which is a wonderful website dedicated to traditional hand crafted fashion & object for the home from around the globe. Perfect for the more cultured of Mums who love luxury with a story. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day! 
Natalie x

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