3 Steps to the perfect nights sleep with Temple Spa #worldsleepday

World Sleep Day Special: 

Resting is something I’m certain we all feel we could all do with more of but I, more then most, feel I need more sleep! Living a fairly hectic life of motherhood, several trips a week to London for press events, work commitments, homemaking and trying to keep up with a social life both for myself and my children leaves me feeling burnt out most of the time.

As such I suffer from stress and anxiety and every now and then depression can also rear its ugly head. Having read up a little I know that sleep deprivation plays a major part in all of this but I simply find myself in bed each night with a head full of thoughts and an exhausted body and mind, often not falling asleep until after 1am with a 6am alarm clock.

So in honour of World Sleep Day I decided it was time to give myself some help getting rest, and after researching Temple Spa and looking at the wonderful range of products available, felt they had just the thing to aid me in this.

I was, in truth, spoilt for choice but decided on the following products to aid my nights restful night sleep. Follow my 3 steps and shop the guide for the perfect nights sleep also. 

STEP 1: 

I started by lighting the All is Bright: Spa Aromatherapy Candle  £30 Burn time 45 hours

It’s no secret we women love a good candle but this one from Temple Spa is simply on another level! It comes in a stunning box and is set in a beautiful glass jar with it’s silver metal lid making it already felt like a moment of luxury. The comforting scents of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon give it an warm and relaxing feel, and while I must say I’m not usually a fan of Cinnamon, this candle was different to those ‘usual’ winter scents as it also contains essential oils of Pomegranate, Saffron, Cedar wood patchouli, Moss, Frankincense and Amber

Step 2:

Next I ran a hot bath and poured in Drift Away Relaxing Bathing and Massage Oil £25 100ml 

Beautifully packaged again, this spa bubble bath is enriched with Mediterranean  essential oils such as Patchouli, Lavender, geranium, frankincense, chamomile, sweet almond, myrrh, dill seed and orange in a base of jojoba and avocado oils. 

Opening it from its box was a luxury in itself and I took this moment to enjoy it’s scent gently wafting out before finally climbing into the rich creamy bubbles it produced in which I relaxed by the candle light. A long soak later I was feeling suitable calm and so left my bath and carried my candle to my bedroom and settled into bed for…….

Step 3:

Repose: Aromatherapy resting cream £40 50ml 

I can be a bit lazy when it comes to my Skincare routine. Hectic lifestyle and kids means I often forget or am simply too tired to bother so I like to keep something on my bedside table so that when I do finally remember I can apply a night cream before nodding off. Repose is perfect for this. 
This thick moisturing cream feels velvety and like a duvet for your face and neck. I really loved its relaxing and delicate scent of lavender and the fact that it could be placed on your pressure points also to help aid tension relief.

So did it all work? Well, needless to say I slept like a baby that night and have been loving using these ever since! 

The candle in particular has been a favourite and each time I enter my bedroom it’s scent transports me into a lovely cosy bubble once more.

Shop Temple Spa by clicking here

What’s your relaxing routine? Do share below on on my Instagram 
Natalie x 

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