Y Spa | Wyboston Hotel Review 

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes with Danielle from Lady Loves Online to review the Spa and Hotel. It was a much needed girly catch up and a great opportunity to relax after London Fashion Week which we both were in desperate need of! 

Y Spa is part of Wyboston hotel, set in the stunning Bedfordshire countryside. As neither of us drive ( I’ve passed my driving test since) we took the train and a bottle of Prosecco and some Chambord to enjoy on the way. It took roughly 1.5 hrs from London so not far at all, especially considering the bottle of plonk and long overdue catch up!

We decided to drop off our bags and head down to lunch, but not before checking out our home for the night and taking some pictures before the two of us scruff bags messed it up with make up/magazines/clothes etc! 

The room was a contemporary style, cosy with colourful cushions and a big leather arm chair to relax in. The beds were lovely and comfy and the rooms all come with a huge TV and IPads, as well as coffee machines, refreshments and Molton Brown Products in the Bathroom, so far so good! 

We unpacked a few essentials (swimsuits & Magazines) and made our way towards the Restaurant for lunch overlooking the lake. 

As we were there to relax we took this on board with our diets too and enjoyed a comforting homemade Chicken & Mushroom pie with salad and potatoes wedges followed by some cheese & crackers (mine and Danielle’s weakness) all accompanied with a glass of Prossecco. There was a great selection of healthy options too including lots of fresh fruits for dessert. It was totally delicious and we ate enough to make us wish we would have slipped into our dressing gowns earlier as most of the guests already had done so and were all looking blissfully happy and chilled. 
Tummy’s nicely full, it was straight down to business and off to the Spa. Y Boston has a great selection of facilities available such as a sauna, steam room, cool down room, and, best of all , an outdoor heated jacuzzi. As luck would have it the weather was also on our side and so we made this our meeting spot between our treatments. I had decided on a facial as well as a head, neck and shoulder massage. Their motto is, “A bene placito” which means ‘at one’s pleasure…’ and I certainly experienced this. 

My therapist used the Elemis Frangipani oil which smelt absolutely divine and really added to my relaxation. She started with a soothing head massage before working into my shoulder and neck. As I have been living with severe neck ache for just over a year now this felt amazing and she wasn’t afraid to go for it in terms of getting to the root of the problem, which was exactly what I needed. I left feeling slightly sore but with more flexibility in my neck then I’ve had in ages which felt relieving and made me realise EXACTLY how much I need to give myself more time to take care of both my body and my mind. Danielle and I had both had the same treatments so we decided to compare notes in the Sauna and steam rooms before returning for a last dip in the jacuzzi. 

As the sun was setting and we were now covered in wrinkly wet skin we headed towards the relax area and had a good old giggle getting on and off of the heated water beds(amazing btw) before settling into the stunning, candle lit sleep room, with real fire where I enivatably fell asleep for an hour before being woken as it was approaching closing time (7pm) and we had dinner reservations at 7.30pm! 

We headed up to our room for a quick shower dash using lovely Molton Brown goodies on display and both decided on a simple dinner outfit of jeans, white top with heels and headed to the Restaurant. 
Dinner was a 3 course treat in the stunning Art Deco inspired restaurant, which had started to get busy with the other guests, and smelling the room, along with knowing how good lunch was, we knew we were in for a treat! 

We both decided to go for the Prawn & crayfish Cocktail starter which came out looking almost too pretty to eat. Almost! 

I followed this with Lamb which was served with Dauphanise Potatoes and seasonal vegetables in a sweet Red wine & mint jus gravy which was out of this world but defeated me due to the huge lunch we’d eaten. 
We both knew we didn’t need a dessert so ordered one to share fooling ourselves that the fresh fruit made it healthy. It was worth every single calorie! Lol 

By now the pair of us were shattered (and a bit tipsy) so we headed to our room for an early night and to swap beauty products we had each discovered over the past few months. The next day we woke after a good nights sleep and lounged with our magazines before finally having to tear ourselves to breakfast and back on the train. 

The trip was a much needed break and I would most defiantly visit Y Spa again, but I’ll stay for the full weekend next time to fully unwind. You can also go along as a day guest which I’d also highly recommend. 

You can find details of our Stopover Spa Package which costs £145 PP at weekends as well as a full list of prices and treatments available by clicking Here.

To read Danielle’s review of the spa stay Head over to Lady Loves

Many kind thanks to Y Boston for inviting us along to review the spa and restaurants. 
Natalie x

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