London Fashion Week Men’s & the ‘Naked’ dress | Part 1 

I won’t lie. I didn’t actually know if I could make London Fashion Week Men’s until a few hours earlier the night before. Babysitting issues, combined with deadlines combined with a hideous cold were all dark forces working against me but I somehow managed to pull it all together by about 6pm the night before. As such my outfit hadn’t been organised in advanced or borrowed from a designer for shows. There were no hair/make up arrangements made in advance (nor had I researched my usual LFW Press & Blogger lounges to hit first) so it was very much a case of finding something fabulous in my wardrobe. 

Luckily I had picked up a dress a couple of weeks earlier in the sale at H&M for £10 which I have nicknamed my ‘Naked’ dress as it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw’s naked dress in SATC. Naked because of its nude colour but also naked because it’s a nowhere to hide-bumps and lumps on display dress! Literally everything is on show with this and I have got anything but a perfect figure! 3 kids plus a decade of eating rubbish at 10pm at night (when I finally stop feeling stressed out and hungry instead) plus a glass of wine a night (at least) and no exercise mean I have a wobbly tummy that I hate and my arms and butt no longer have the same shape as they did when I trained as a dancer. As a stylist I am very good at dressing around these issues but in this dress it’s all out there on display! 

BUT I bought the dress because I loved and made myself a promise that I would wear it by the end of summer and feel fabulous in it. Nothing gets a woman excited about getting in shape like the promise of a drop dead gorgeous frock! And I’ve been making a good effort since then, I’ve cut back on drinking at home (my biggest issue I think) have been more careful with my diet and have even been back to dance class for the first time in over 15 years! As such I’ve noticed things that used to be tight are now loose around the tummy, which is amazing considering I’ve only been at it a couple of weeks. 

Anyway, I had decided that I should be wearing something either extremely glam and girly for the Men’s collection or else something masculine and I didn’t really have anything that fitted the bill. So, I woke up on the morning of LFWM and thought, fuck it! You’ve worked hard, go for it! I had tried it on be night before and it was good, not perfect but not hideous either. I felt sexy, which is something I wouldn’t say I feel all that often. Sophisticated, yes. Stylish, yes. Sexy, not really tbh. 

To give me a little more confidence I teamed it with a Tommy Hilfiger double breasted pinstripe blazer I have had for a while which I wore over my shoulders, (another bargain found in TK Maxx for £50 with it’s £520 swing ticket still attached. It was also a catwalk piece!) and a pair of gorgeous stiletto tan suede laced up heels by Schutz that I had been gifted from The Outnet following their recent press day. I also chose a pair of beaded gold tassel earrings I had picked up in H&M the week before for my birthday night out. And finally, my pièce de résistance, my brand new Christopher Kane leather bag, big enough to keep all the invites, spare shoes (those are killer!) bottle of water, and other bits and bobs needed for the day.  


Dress H&M NOW £7.49 | SHOES SCHUTZ AT THEOUTNET.COM £135 (currently 40% extra off!) | MARSHALL BAG CHRISTOPHER KANE £990 Earrings H&M £7.99 NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE | Jacket Tommy Hilfiger Past Season. 

Tomorrow: LFWM Part 2 | Hair & Beauty Notes:

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