Summer dressing with COAST

How is it that a Fashion Editor and Stylist ends up without a dress to wear to the only wedding she has this year with less then a week to go?! 

I’ve seen every collection months ago, have all the PR details at my finger tips and yet somehow, SOMEHOW have nothing to wear this Saturday! It’s a puzzle! I’m blaming my over packed work schedule meaning I’ve spent so much time advising others what to wear I’ve  forgot to dress myself! 

Twinning with Diary of an Honest Woman
Luckily COAST had invited me along to their Oxford Street flagship store following their AW17 press day to try on and pick something from their latest collection. (Instagram followers would have seen this on my Instastories)  And, I have to say, I was excited to do so having seen what the Autumn collections have in store. And because playing dress up is so much more fun with a friend, my good friend Debs from Diary of an Honest Woman and I decided to make a girly time of it together. And what fun we had! 

I have to admit it’s been a long time since I visited a COAST store, and so my expectations were a little low. I had assumed that they catered more to the Prom and Bridal market these days, but was surprised to find that actually there’s a great mix of occasion wear and day wear within the collections. Sure , there was a good helping of the expected amount of florals, taffeta and fascinators. There is a massive market for this after all and COAST are leaders in their market and know their customers well, it’s just my own tastes are a little less ‘perfect’. I like something with a little edge. However by the time I’d made it down stairs to the luxurious fitting rooms, I’d amassed quite an armful of goodies to try! 

Here’s a pick of my favourites. 

Rainbow stripe dress POA (currently notavailable  online but long version can be found here)

This really reminded me of a Chloé dress and I loved the soft pleating. I also loved the bright multi colours. The sleeve detail is very flattering if you prefer to keep your upper arms covered also. It’s from their Resort collection and for good reason as it’s beautifully light and airy. I can totally see myself wearing this on my holiday to Ibiza this summer.

Crysta Peplum Dress £119

This dress is in a heavy scuba type fabric and it was this and the colour that attracted me to it. I also loved the drop waist detail and flare skirt. I was worried it might not suit my petite frame as I’m only 5ft 1.5inches and although I have quite long legs it means my body is shorter but actually I could just about get away with it. 

Fabianna Chambray Jumpsuit £119

I had seen one of the PR girls wearing this at the press day and fell in love. Despite jumpsuits being a total pain in the butt to wear (toilets are the biggest dilemma) I absolutely love them. I love the comfort of them, I feel very ‘put together’ in one and I love the fact that, as a busy mum of 4, like a dress they require little thinking about. Just throw it on and off you go. But this one is especially good for numerous reasons! First the fabric, a lightweight, denim look in a gorgeous indigo shade. Secondly the frills which give it a feminine edge. Third the pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets?! Somewhere to pop your phone when it has to leave your hands (mine rarely does) and isn’t there a certain comfort from having somewhere to put your hands! Lastly, it has a really flattering split within the wide leg which shows off your shoes beautifully. All kinds of perfection! 👌🏻

Lucia Dress £109

There was so much I loved about this dress. Firstly the wrap around front. Next the soft  ruffles. Again I could totally see myself swanning around press days and on holiday, on the beach with the kids or on country walks. It’s just so wearable. My only disappontememt was that it didn’t have pockets. But that’s just a personal thing as I really have come to rely on these. 

Decision time! 

I  had a real dilemma choosing between the white dress and the jumpsuit as they were both so gorgeous and I could really see myself getting a lot of wear out of each. So what did I choose in the end……….? 

Well. I boycotted the wedding outfit as it just had to be the jumpsuit! I’ve worn it 3 times since, once to a formal engagement, and twice casually and I’m still as in love with it now as in the fitting room. I also can’t wait to layer shorts and polo necks with it when autumn comes. 

Natalie x

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