Who? What? Wear! #5

It’s hard to sometimes find the words when there is so much tragedy happening around you. My blog is dedicated to frivoloites and enjoyment such as fashion, beauty, travel and so on, that these past few weeks I have struggled to find the words or to see the importance of these things when there has been so much pain being felt across our country. But the kindness and compassion of the many has been so incredibly inspiring and reaffirmed my belief on the kindness of strangers. 

While I might have been keeping quiet I’ve been working hard. And there’s been lots to work hard on,  and lots to prepare for with the madness that is Christmas in July upon us. For those not in the know Christmas in July is an industry wide, month long marathon of press days dedicated to showcasing the Xmas collections to the press. My 3rd year in and I love this month, but it takes some SERIOUS stamina. There can be as many as 15-20 events a day and this year a two day festival too! And as each event is like attending an amazing Xmas party, with wonderful drink, food and entertainment it can get quite exhausting also! 

This week I attended my first Christmas event with Cici Pr and it was a great start to the proceedings, with Cyberjammies, Zatchels, Rougette, Violet & Wren and more all showcasing their collections. I also got to go home with a pair of the fabulous Cyberjammies to road test and I can say with certainly they are cooooosssyyyyy! More to follow later. 

The event which was held at the fabulous W Hotel was slick and fun and I’m still dreaming of the delicious passionfruit  (Mock)tails! 

I also attended the Aspects Beauty Press day for #myfragrancestory which was held at a fav of mine in the penthouse suite of The Edition hotel, which smelt divine as it was hosting the latest editions of fragrance from Moschino, Eight & Bob, House of Oud and a whole host of leaders in the fragrance industry. 

Everything smelt and looked amazing but it took everything in me NOT to jump into the bath. How could I resist! 

I was also invited along to the brand new Oud Milano store in Oxford Street, London. You can find out more about the store itself by reading yesterday’s post and I’ll be talking about this brand much more over the next coming weeks so stay tuned, and, if you are in London make sure to pop in and check it out for yourself! 

Finally it was time for the Wedding of The Year of my two friends Hannah & Luke, which meant I got to wear my new Christopher Kane dress which I got for my birthday and have been excited to wear since. The day was beautiful and the sun was out in force. The bride and groom both looked gorgeous and have such a wonderful eye for all things macabre yet cool and I absolutely loved everything about their amazing day! 

More to follow! 

Natalie x

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