What’s in a name?! | Launching La Femme London 

So, I have something exciting to share! Those eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a big difference today as I have decided to change the name of my blog! 

It’s a decision I’ve agonised over since I set the blog up early this year in March. I’m a bit funny about named blogs as the best ones seem to have gone years ago so it’s very hard to come up with something original yet non cheesy. I studied fashion history at uni and within that fashion branding and so KNOW the importance it plays in determining success, and as I am also a journalist and stylist had planned to just keep the blog under my name such as my fav muse Pandora Sykes, using my blog as a platform also for my professional work outside of my blog genre. As the months have progressed however I’ve  discovered two things that have led me to the ‘Naming’ of my blog. 

The first, having a rather  difficult to pronounce name, Courtois (pronounced Coo-Twa) has proved troublesome as people struggle to remember how to pronounce it after we’ve met (and if you can’t remember it your unlikely to remember it!) and I have to admit I found myself thinking it didn’t feel right at press days as I almost apologised to PR’s and fellow bloggers when they asked my blog name and I replied ‘oh it’s just my name’ (I read years ago the moment you use the word ‘just’ it gives authority/sense of believe in what you are saying away so I always try to avoid using this word) 

Secondly, I’ve discovered that actually, as a  fashion editor and stylist for a printed publication it’s quite useful to be able to differentiate between the two when talking about possible opportunities for working together. 

So, I set about trying to determine a name that would define what it is I write about on my blog as well as finding one that wasn’t already gone. Believe me it’s far harder then it sounds. I started with brainstorming ideas. What is my USP? Who am I? What do I write about? And who is my reader/what kind of reader do I want to attract to my blog? 

The answer is that, as a fashion historian I am really interested in telling the story behind a brand or product. I’m not about fast fashion or youth culture, because I am a woman in her 30s that has learned to both appreciate luxury for its heritage and workmanship as well as its it’s lasting value. Nowadays I prefer to big less and choose well, something Vivienne Westwood regularly advocates,  so I have something to hand down to my daughters.  But I do like to mix it up, vintage with topshop with Christopher Kane for example. I love fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel, and as a mother of 4 children this also takes an impact in what interests me. I’ve always been passionate about British designers and as a London born gal am always drawn to British designers first. I’m obessed with store design and wrote a 10k word dissertation on the future of fashion retail and the role of social media within this. Finally I attend lots and lots of press previews, events and fashion shows in London and so, although I live in Brighton, I spend most of my professional life in the big smoke. Taking this all into account I came down to two possible options. 

A Sory of Style: 

This obv takes it roots in my fashion historian background, the telling of the background to the brand/product in question. The story behind the brand, the who’s, the what’s and the where’s. Style as a representation of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and interiors. 

La Femme London: 

For me, London will forever be the mixing of cultures, high with low, edgy, off kilter and the epicentre of what’s happening next in fashion, music and the arts. If it’s happening in the U.K then it’s happening in London first, and who wants to be the last to know right?! 

My passion for British fashion outshines all others. Perhaps I’m a secret patriot?! I spend a lot of time reporting on what’s happening in London so it also makes sense, and my personal style is very feminine and the word Femme is the epitome of sophisticated girly style. Femme is mother, lover, wife and strong woman. It’s who I am and its who my reader is. 

And so, Im delighted to announce La Femme London. You can find me on Instagram ❤️

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