Who? What? Wear! #6 

Wow! Where to begin, honestly what a couple of weeks it’s been for me! So many cool things have happened in such a little space of time!!

At the Etsy Christmas press day

First up, I’ve had a promotion in my ‘day job’ and am now the Group Fashion AND Beauty Editor at Big Little Media for their publications Sussex Style & Hampshire Style. 

Next up, I also made the decision to change my blog over to a ‘name’ and have even become a proper dot.com. For someone not very technically minded this is pretty amazing! Lol 

Adorable ideas from Mackie PR

Finally I also reached 2k Instagram followers and had my best months stats so far on my blog. All very exciting! How blooming cool! I hate to be all ‘look at me’ but honestly I feel really proud of myself! 

Tesco put on quite a spread for their Christmas press launch

On a different note Christmas is July has been a whirlwind. Now I always know it will be but this years addition to the usual crazy schedule with the Christmas in July Festival has been something else! Luckily the kids grandmother has been in town helping out with childcare meaning I’ve been up at the crack of dawn and not sleeping till ridiculously late, falling into bed and having to then start with emails! Therefore apologies for the lack of blog posts these past couple of weeks. It’s all for a good cause I promise as Christmas is going to be fab with loads of amazing content, gift guides and fashion & beauty features you’ll love!

My baby Coco Sailor ❤️

Ive spent my weekend holed indoors, cuddling the kids (I can barely remember what they look like lol) and writing my final summer stories for you all, and I’ve some great brands on the beauty side such as Buxom, Bare Minerals, Madame LaLa, Remington, Kirsten Florian and loads more to share with you still! 

I will be linking all these to my LIKEtoKNOW.it top so you can shop your favourites straight from your phone! 

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week! 
N x 

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