Lime Lace & Leopard Print 

Finally a cooler day and I can get a little playful again with my outfit. Anyone else just not being able to cope with this glorious summer we are having?! Where as most people dress down for the weekend, I like to get a little dressed up, as I don’t have to worry about rushing around to press days or keeping cool on the London underground. 

This is a mixture of old and new. The lace Tshirt is a firm new favorite that I picked up in the Zara sale last week, as is the Victoria Beckham inspired skirt from H&M also in the sale. The bag is LK Bennett new season, a gift from the press office and you’ve definitely seen it only instagram. My earrings are also new season Mango and I adore them, like miniature works of art hanging from my ears. 

The shoes are Sophia Webster from a few seasons ago. I haven’t worn them in ages but I still Love Love Love them! And my jacket is from Zara, again past season. Finally my bra is also leopard print Stella McCartney. I couldn’t resist the extra leopard print reference…..

Natalie x 

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