Eve Lom Gel Balm launches | Space NK 

Eve Lom have this week launched their latest product, the Cleansing Gel Balm, exclusive to Space NK and priced £45.

Hailed as a cleanser for those on the go, this transformative product is set to become as big as cult beauty buy as its mother product Eve Lom Cleanser. Trust me, you heard it here first! Lolz. 

I was lucky enough to receive mine a month prior to its launch, however, as I had a summer vacation to Ibiza coming up I decided to save mine for the trip. Boy that took some willpower as I’ve loved Eve Lom since a few years back when I received a pot for Mother’s Day. 

So what’s the difference I hear you ask? Very good question. Well, the biggest thing is that this is designed for life outside the home spa environment of your bathroom. It has a pump dispenser (as opposed to its predecessor which has a screw top pot format) which makes it great for use in the shower also, and no doubt gym bags, and works really simply, turning from a Gel into a balm, just apply to wet skin, rub on, leave for a minute or two and then wash off. No muslin cloth or massage required, although you can of course do so should you feel so inclined. 

I crack it open on day one, I can’t wait a second longer, but I have had a day involving sun, sea and sand and so feel I’d like a ‘proper’ cleanse. It’s formula feels just as luxurious as I’m familiar with, though less thick then the original, and it has that wonderful Eve Lom signature scent, which contains Clove, eucalyptus, hops and chamomile oil. It also contains shea butter and grape seed oil which are highly moisturising. It’s delightful. Honestly if you’ve never tried Eve Lom you really really should! My skin feels properly clean, and not even slightly dry despite the sun expose, which as a pale Brit is unusual. In my second use it melts away my makeup with ease 
So that’s it. I’m converted. And what’s more I reckon you’ll love it too! They aren’t even paying me to say so, I just literally really really want you all to go try it yourself. You won’t look back. 

Shop Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser £45

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