Acqua Di Parma Fragrance launch | Events 

23.7.17: Central St Martins | Kings Cross, London. 

Oh I do love an evening do! But, I have to say I was feeling pretty exhausted on this occasion having spent the day running around like crazy at Christmas in July press days. Plus I felt frazzled and didn’t have heels on so wasn’t feeling my most glamourous having melted off my makeup in the July heat BUT the pull of such a wonderful heritage brand Acqua Di Parma launching their latest Cologne at Central St Martins, a fav of mine (I hope to do my Masters degree here eventually) was enough to keep my excitement and energy levels going a little longer. 

As such I was delighted to arrive to notice two things, the first was to see the Veuve Cliquot Champagne was already flowing and secondly the place smelt insanely good! A quick sip and a spritz and I was already feeling in the party mood! The Italian inspired canapés were also a welcome treat. 

The event itself was to launch two things, the advertising campaign, Into the light, which stars British model Will Chalker and his family, as well as the cologne, Colonia Pura itself. To introduce these, was Acqua Di Parma CEO Laura Burdese, who passionately talked us through the brand’s rich history as well as the inspiration for the cologne and accompanying campaign. 

The Italian luxury brand, Acqua Di Parma were established in 1916 in the Italian town of Parma. As such, the brand has always remained true to its Italian roots, with its head office and production in Italy still to this day. Further patriotism can be found in the brand’s logo, the coat of arms of the Duchess of Parma, Marie Louise (who ruled 1816-1847) as she was significant in her support of the glass and perfume industry. The campaign is beautiful to watch and features model Chalker, his stunning wife and adorable son. However, what really came was this special bond between father and son. The cologne is aimed towards a masculine man, yet modern man. It is for the stylish, well mannered man with discerning taste, yet t is contemporary and fresh. This was all represented within the campaign. We were also offered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the advertisement and the space also had some beautiful candid shots from the filming on display. 

Although the cologne is aimed towards a male audience I personally really enjoyed wearing it as did many of the female attendees at the event and it is defiantly one that I would class as unisex or gender neutral. I really am enjoying the way in which these binary boundaries are being broken so regularly by the beauty industry these days. The design of the bottle is simple and striking, keeping to the classic Acqua Di Parma shape with a silver label, and of course its iconic yellow box.  

We left with a goody bag from our hosts containing the delightful Cologne as well as the matching Shower gel which are both available to purchase here.

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