5 Holiday Haircare Heros

There are few down sides to jetting off abroad to warmer & carefree lands, where sleeping during the middle of the day is deemed perfectly acceptable as is floating around on a giant flamingo sipping Rosè for hours on end. 
Few down sides that is, except for the fear of damage to your hair. Now, I’m pretty low maintaince tbh when it comes to my hair. I dream of a bouncy full head of hair like the gorgeous Really Ree (check out her blog and Instagram) but the reality is I rarely even bother to blow dry my own hair. (I’m only 5’1 and feel my arms are even more inadequate in doing so) For years I’ve straightened, dyed, bleached and generally mistreated my barnet all in the name of an exciting ‘new do’. Flip through the albums on my Facebook and you’ll find plenty of evidence of this. When it comes to hair I am ridiculously impulsive! 

However, I’ve managed to achieve the impossible over the past 2 years and have resisted the chop meaning my hair is at its longest since I was 13. I’ve also finally embraced my natural wave/curls and my hair looks its healthiest in years despite the fact it is bleached on the ends. However, as I said it’s still not perfect and I certainly didn’t want my holiday to strip any goodness I have managed to achieve away. What’s more, my hair seems to be falling out at an alarming rate, a few strands here and there but more then normal I believe. In addition I needed to factor in the fact that my hair IS naturally curly which isn’t always a blessing in the heat. Have you seen the episode of Friends when Monica goes to Barbados?! Well, that pretty much. Lol 

So, determined not to have bad hair on holiday I packed the following 5 products, some of which I had already tried and loved, some which I hadn’t had the opportunity to try. Here’s what I thought. 

Rossano Ferretti Rejuvenating Serum £42 Launches Exclusively at Space NK September 

I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Rossano at the Space NK Christmas press event, as he was there to introduce his haircare line personally. It was so good to hear first hand of the amount of time, work, effort and most importantly pure PASSION he has put into creating his line of haircare products. 

This rejuvenating anti-ageing serum is perfect for hair like mine that has been damaged over time. Among it’s high tech ingredients are hyaloronic acid for its mosturing properties andnit has a bio-film properity to make hair stronger. It’s like a intensive treatment that you apply to damp, freshly washed hair. It has a pump dispenser and I tend to find 4-5 pumps plenty for my mid-length hair. It smells divine, which is no accident. In fact he was determined to ensure the product line had a wonderful smell from the word go, like a perfume for your hair. 

I’ve been using this for several weeks, every time I wash my hair (2-3 times weekly) and have noticed a massive improvement in the shine of my hair over the past few weeks since trying this and I’ve been losing fewer hairs. This one is a winner for me! 

It’s 50ml size means you can keep it in your hand luggage if you are travelling light. 

Style Freedom Sexy Hair Potion £7.99 Superdrug 

Sexy hair potion. Sounds good right but a bit gimmicky? Fear ye not! It’s fabulous, especially for curly hair types like me. It’s a simple spray onto wet hair. Then you can either blow dry into styled curls or let your hair dry naturally. I was using this as a ‘beach hair’ styling product and I found it gave my hair a finished look but without any of that crunchiness that can often come with this type of product. Instead my hair felt soft, and moved really nicely. Great value for money that will leaving you feeling all ‘Sexy hair don’t care!’ 

Label.m Heat Protection Spray £12.49

I’ve a longstanding love relationship with Label.m. I’m always welcomed at London Fashion Week to their pop up salon and I picked this profit up at London Fashion Week Mens. This product literally does exactly what it says on the tin. Protects hair from both heat styling as well as UV rays. I used it both on wet hair before styling hair r drying naturally as well as a quick spritz to dry hair before leaving the house to go exploring in the sun. Really lovely smell also. 

No 72. Repairing Oil £14.99

No 72 are becoming a firm favourite of mine. Firstly I love the packaging. Always important. Then there’s the formulas. Their intensive mask has become a go to, as has the blow dry cream, but this is the one I decided to take on my holiday. Suitable for all hair types, this comes out clear and feels silky soft to the touch but doesn’t leave hair (or your hands) feeling greasy, although it is worth mentioning a little goes a long way, 1-2 pumps is perfect. It feels lightweight, and gives my hair a finishing sheen and smells fresh and clean. I remain frizz free for the duration of the day. It’s 75ml size means it’s suitable for carry on luggage too!  

Oribe Free Styler Working Hairspray £16 (Travel Sized) Space NK

I’m yet to come across a bad review for Oribe. However, this is my first encounter with the brands luxurious products. The packaging in itself has me sold, but then I love anything black and gold! It’s travel size is obviously perfect but there’s no denying the fact it’s expensive at £16 for a travel sized product. However, like many of the more expensive beauty products you don’t need loads and the results speak for themselves. I use it for evenings when I just want to ensure my hair doesn’t go all flyaway. It keeps my hair in place nicely and it feels soft and nourished still, and, instead of the usual dullness that can come with hairspray it actually seems to shine more. My only downside is that I’m not overly keen on the smell as it’s a bit chemically and ‘Hairspray’ like and I usually like the last product I apply before going out to smell really lovely but I can forgo that for the sake of healthy hair that’s not being dried out. When I wake up on the morning, my hair feels soft still and I don’t feel like it needs washing out before hitting the beach. 

Final thoughts

So, was it worth the extra weight in my already bulging suitcase? Did these all do any good? Well in short yes. I seemed to have picked the perfect combination of goodies as my hair was at its most manageable and I felt really happy with it all holiday, flipping between letting it dry naturally in the sun to get those curly curls or drying it off to give a more sleek look. My hair feels really nourished and shiny depsite the fact I’m massively overdue my roots needing doing and a good cut to clear the split ends.  

Natalie x 

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