On why I’m turning vegan for 1 month | #worldveganmonth

This month marks World Vegan Month and I am setting myself the toughest challenge of my life (after motherhood of course!) and going vegan for the whole of November. 

Why I hear you ask? Well Veganism is something I’ve been toying with doing for some time. It seems to me in this day and age that the idea of living a (Luxury) existence that is cruelty free shouldn’t be so difficult. BUT making any lifestyle change IS difficult, especially when it’s one that requires so much thought and consideration as well as research and upheaval. It’s not as easy as say, putting on a pair of trainers and deciding to go for a run in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Because you see, becoming vegan isn’t just a case of deciding not to eat meat or animal products such as milk, cheese and honey. It’s a way of life. It’s a case of not only reassessing what you are putting into your body in the way of food but also what you will wash yourself with, it means giving up buying leather and silk, it means taking out most of your favourite beauty products from your makeup bag as well as removing perfumes and haircare products, and even the products you clean your home with. Your well deserved #friyay glass of tipple is even up for scrutiny (many red wines and white wines are not vegan friendly! More of which later) in short, it’s no small task! 
So the descision to become vegan has stayed as an idea in the back of my mind for some time. Neatly stored under the ‘Best Intentions’ and ‘For another day’ sections of my brain. 

But then I heard about World Vegan Month and the journalist in me thought, why not give it a go, it will make a great story for a start! It’s only a month and it will give me an opportunity to see if this is something I want to adopt long term and also give me a chance to learn about some new brands, educate myself in a new world,  hopefully live a healthier lifestyle (I am the worst for getting my vegetables in!) and my own impact on the world and the lovely creatures in it will be felt, if only by me,for that time. 

However. There are a few issues. Firstly I am the biggest steak guzzling, Leather loving, red wine swilling gal I know! Nothing (IMHO) feels like silk on my skin and pretty much all my fav lippies are by MAC ( who sell in China which therefore makes them not vegan friendly as it means they have to comply with China’s animal testing rules whereby all products MUST be tested on animals to qualify for sale in China) 

Secondly, I am never, ever going to be that woman who buys a homemade looking face cream. Sorry but I love luxury beauty and fashion for that point. I want to continue to buy from Space NK and Liberty beauty counters. I want the nice bag and experience, beautiful shelf worthy bottle on display and I don’t want to smell of tea tree, peppermint or anything else ‘natural’. Might sound snobby but it’s who I am. 

And as for food, give me nothing but chocolate and cheese for the rest of my life and I’d die happy. Both are now off the table. BUGGER! 

So I need to find the compromise. I can’t simply throw everything out and start again but instead I want to use World Vegan Month as a way to introduce myself to some new brands and to take the time to reasses the brands I love and where they fit on this ethical  debate. I won’t be boycotting them if there’s not good reason too, but instead looking for vegan friendly alternatives within their ranges if my current favourite isn’t vegan friendly.

In addition my vegan month isn’t about naming and shaming or about being preachy but instead about re-education, discovering some new favourites and falling back in love with old favourites along the way. I hope you’ll join me on my vegan adventure and find enjoyment and discover along the way also. I will also have plenty of non vegan stories (such as my very first La Femme London Christmas gift guide, ridiculously excited to share that with you! #lflxmas17) so make sure you are subscribed or following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook  to be the first to hear. 

Finally, if you are vegan, or have any great recommendations please do get in contact

Natalie x 

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