Dr Bronners |Brand Focus #worldveganmonth 

When I started my #worldveganmonth journey one of the things I knew I wanted to achieve was to find beauty and skincare products that were cruelty free but also glamorous and had all the charm and shelf appeal of their non vegan friendly counterparts. 

I wanted to quash the image of Vegan=Hippy and the Hemp/ sack dress associations. However, Hemp, (and Cannabis FYI) are currently big news in beauty. CBD oil is being heralded as a wonder product, curing ailments and easing pain for those suffering with ongoing chronic illnesses, while hemp and Cannabis are being used in everything from candles, to perfumes to skincare. 

Which has made me realise that Hemp and cannabis are no longer cliches for long haired hippies. Oh no, hemp is in and in a big way!

In case you needed further proof, then look no further then Dr Bronners, the heritage brand of family soap makers since 1858 with a huge range of innovative ingredients in their vast product line, such as the multipurpose 18-in-1 Hemp Green Tea Organic, Fairtrade Castile soap, which contains Organic Hemp oil. £17.49 

18-in-1?! I hear you say. Yup, it’s true. Use it to wash your body, face, hair, the dog, the dishes, your clothes, mix with water for an all purpose cleanser, the uses are limitless! 
So what’s it like? First up it smells great. And let’s be honestly, ultimately that’s what you want from a soap. Secondly it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry, instead nourished and soft. I’ll admit, I haven’t tried it as yet on the kitchen surfaces but suffice to say I feel confident it would do a wonderful job and leave everything smelling lovely too. 

Finally it has massive shelf appeal. In fact I’d love a shelf filled with their signature colourful bottles decorated with the brand story. This one had a particularly festive feel with its gorgeous bold green shade making it perfect addition to your guest bathroom this Christmas. 

So there you go, I needn’t of worried about ditching the non cruelty favourites in favour of vegan friendly products! 

Hemp is chic. You heard it here first….. 

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