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Every now and then my skin need a proper detox. The days pile ontop of one another and I simply look dull, dry and clogged. I’ve noticed this happening more so since my move to London, where life has become even busier and I’m exposed to more pollution. It’s a price I’m willing to pay to live in the City I love so passionately but, nonetheless my skin feels differently.

My 3 skincare hero’s

While I’ve listened and read beauty buffs harp on about double cleansing morning, noon and night, it’s a luxury I simply don’t seem to have time for daily. However, at least once a week I make the effort while relaxing into a bath. 
These three products I seem to fall back on time and time again. First up there’s an oil cleaner, which is something of a favourite of mine as I really enjoy the feel of it melting my make up away. Secondly I go for a deep cleanser. Lastly I add either a moisturising or pore unblocking mask. I love both sheet masks, or traditional masks such as this one from Ren, which is rich and creamy and feels comforting. 

Step One: Deep Cleansing Oil DHC £24.99 200ml DHCUK.COM

On the night in question my skin was particularly clogged around the nose and dry all over. I’d been working from home so I hadn’t actually applied make up as I’d barely had time to eat keeping up with my work load and the kids, but I decided to still indulge in DHC Dry cleansing oil, which feels decadent and a little goes a long way. This bottle has been in use for well over 3 months. DHC are a Japanese brand and the oil is loved the world over. In fact one bottle is sold every 10 seconds worldwide! I had noticed a few of my blogger pals waxing lyrical about the brand so when the peeps at DHC got in touch I was excited to try for myself. It’s been a firm favourite since. 

You apply 2-3 pumps to dry skin and massage over your face for around 40 seconds. Then simply wash off and watch it turn to a creamy texture leaving the skin feeling fresh and nourished. It even removes waterproof mascara with ease. 

Step 2: Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser £49 150ml Space NK

Next up I applied Ormorvicza Moor Cream Cleanser. I can’t remember exactly where I picked this up from, but I think it was a gift on my Space NK Indulge card on my birthday? Either way, it is to date the only product I’ve used from the luxury skincare brand and I really like it. With antiseptic and antimocrobial properties it is great for clearing impurities and rejuvenating skin and SpaceNK describe it on their website as ‘an ideal treatment for urban skin affected by environmental aggressors.’ In my experience I agree fully and it’s just want I’m looking for on this occasion. The formula contains Hungarian Moor Mud from Europe’s biggest Thermolake and it has a aromatherapy smell to it. Its a xreamy but dry texture and the instructions say to apply a pea sized amount in circular motions, before rinsing away. I tend to use a traditional flannel for this as it exfoliates at the same time. 

Step 3: Ren Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask £28 50ml Renskincare.com

Finally I applied this Ren face mask, which does exactly what it says on the tin. I left it a good 20minutes (the instructions say 10-15mins) but I’d also popped on a hair mask so I left it longer. This was handed to me by the PR at their Christmas press day and came with a massive recommendation from her. And I have to say a massive word of thanks to her as it’s been a winner for me. It is thick and creamy, and you apply a generous layer of the slightly green coloured product and leave it to soak in as it does its job of calming, soothing and moisturising using its formula of Arnica to reduce redness and inflammation, Albarellus Oviness Extract, a natural painkiller for the skin to relieve itchiness, swelling and redness, and Beta-Glucan which balances the skins immune system. It’s doesn’t dry hard and again you simply remove with a cold flannel or cotton pad. It leaves the skin feeling velvety to the touch which I love.  


My skin, while a little red in this selfie, a result of a heavy hand with the flannel, looks instantly fresher and my clogged nose is clear once more. 

Clean. Fresh. Untouched. Unedited.

I followed this up with a good quality, intense facial oil, followed by a equally impressive night time serum, which I’ll post about seperatly as a follow up piece along with another no-make up selfie the morning after to see the full results. And there you have it, some much needed TLC for my skin. Of course a good nights sleep is also imperative for maximum results, but this routine never lets me down, whether I get 8 hours or my usual 6. 

Is it too early to talk NYR? 
Finally, I want I end by letting you into a little secret, one of my New Years resolutions. I really struggle emotionally with how my skin looks, and feel so unconfident at times. While I realise I do look young for my age, a positive, I regularly look at photographs and can’t believe either how bad it looks or how much make up I seem to have on to cover the redness which still somehow seems to be there despite my best efforts to disguise it. This results in my not wanting to take a picture in the first place or feeling rubbish when I do. 

Therefore I am determined to get my skin looking flawless (or as flawless as possible at 35 years of age) in 2018, which means taking care of myself, I.E diet & exercise as well as finding the right products to ensure my skin loses the redness that seems to have appeared over the past couple of years. So who knows, maybe I will start that double cleansing after all….. 

Natalie x 

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