Karine Jackson Hair | #Veganary

They say a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. But what about a woman who not only changes her hair style but also the way in which it’s done? 
When I did my World Vegan Month challenge it just so happened to fall in line with my hair being in desperate need of redoing! It hadn’t been cut in months and I had almost as much silver as highlights. 

So when I was invited along to Karine Jackson’s vegan friendly Salon in Covent Garden I was estatcic to say the least. Vegan friendly hair salon, what’s that I hear you ask? In short, all of the products used are cruelty free, which I have to admit isn’t something I’d  even considered before as I think we tend to assume that most beauty products are cruelty free now, sadly it’s not true, as many of the leading brands sell their products in China meaning that by law they have to be tested on animals first. Karine Jackson works with Organics Colour Solutions which, as the name suggests also contain organic ingredients. 

As it was my first visit, and as I planned to work on the colour, I visited the salon first for a consultation and to do a test patch. I wanted to basically refresh my ombré look, by lightening the ends, chopping off the dead wood and of course vanish the greys nearer the scalp. As my hair was already quite dry on the ends, a result of bleaching them, Marcos my stylist suggested that I take some products away with me from the Power Build collection to use twice before my appointment the following week, which included a shampoo, conditioner and the Power Build Revamp a deeply conditioning treatment. In addition he said that he would not be looking to bleach my hair further but instead lift the colour that was already on there which would be far less damaging for my hair and would stop it becoming even more dry. 

On the day of my appointment I headed to the salon and was made conformtable by Karin, Marcos and the team who are all really lovely. My hair was a bit windswept as the image suggests. Marcos set to work and 2 hours later I was feeling a million dollars. True to his word, he had managed to lighten the ends without reaching for the peroxide and my hair looked mirror shiny. 

In terms of cut, I stated I like a blunt edged look, but he softened the front and I felt very Jennifer Anniston which is never a bad thing! I swooshed out of the salon feeling great and looking it too. 

My Vegan Month was a massive challenge to me, I spent most of it feeling starving hungry and feeling like I was missing out, but this was quite the opposite experience. The Salon was fabulous and as I intend to continue with trying to become fully vegan during 2018 this is one change that is going to be very easy indeeed to do!
You can book a visit to Karine Jackson here or shop the products recommended above here. Do make sure to ask for Marcos as he’s lovely and will do an amazing job for you! 

Natalie x 

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