Time together with Rotary Watches

This year my partner and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary. As you might already know we’ve a large ‘blended’ modern family with 5 kids (2 together and 3 between us) with four of these living at home with us, aged 5, 7, 11 & 13 meaning life is pretty full on! In addition we both work full time, running our own businesses so ‘spare time’ is few and far between. Time together is an even more precious commodity.

As a result, we try to steal any moments we can together. More often then not this happens in the daytime, while the kids are at school as it comes with the added benefit of not having to pay a babysitter, meaning we can use the money for a movie or a nice lunch somewhere. Sadly our phones are never very far from us, this is the working day after all, but being your own boss means being able to plan your own time and we will usually substitute by working into the evening instead.

It doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy, coffee and cake are just as welcome as a night at the Chiltern Firehouse, one of our favourite dinner night-spots. One thing I’ve always got my eye on, other then my half of the cake of course, is my Rotary watch which always ensures I don’t miss the school run or Grandma’s heading home time. The new season ‘Havana’ style (£259) is automatic, meaning that it doesn’t require a battery, just flip the watch over and you see the inner workings of this elegant timepiece as it winds itself on every time you move your hand. Perfect, as its one less thing for me to have to think about!

I love the masculine style too, which is chunky enough to look androgenous but doesn’t overpower my somewhat skinny wrists. Believe me this is hard to find, and I’ve spent years trying on watches and veto-ing them for looking ridiculously large on my petite frame.

The elegant, elongated pointed hands and pearlesant watch face keep it feminine, and of course it goes with absolutely everything. As a fashion historian I’m always drawn to heritage brands and, being Rotary, you know you’ve got a quality piece too, as the company, founded in Switzerland have been making timepieces since 1895. As the official watch supplier to the British Army during the Second World War their timepieces have been relied upon for over a century and have become a trusted household name for millions.

Rotary have a great selection of pieces for both Men and Women, with lots of metal styles like this as well as leather straps too.

Watch: ‘Havana’ Rotary £259 Bracelet: Tory Burch Blouse: Joie (Past Season) Skirt: H&M (On sale now in store only) Tights: Calzodonia


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