Vegan Skincare with Nādūr Organics

Continuing on my Vegan beauty series I wanted to introduce you to Irish organic skincare brand Nādūr which I’ve recently discovered. 

The range is organic, ethically sourced, non toxic, cruelty free and vegan friendly and even gluten free! It’s also all made in Ireland.  

A well edited range, which currently includes 8 products including pulse rubs, body and face oils and a cleanser, all of which are gender neutral, both in terms of their presentation, which is simplistic and perfect for minimalist lovers, as well as it’s suitability. However for men specifically there’s a beard oil and shaving serum. 

The lovely peeps kindly sent me a couple of products from the range to try, heres what I thought…. 

Genie Rinsable Cleanser and Make Up Remover €28.50 (about £25) 

My first impressions were that I really loved the smell, it’s very discreet but you can smell the delicious Sweet Almond seed oil within it. It also contains Jojoba seed oil, Elderberry extract and Pomegranate seed oils. 

You apply it to dry skin by warming a few drops on your palms, leave it a minute and then rinse off using warm water. The instructions say to use 3-4 drops which I find sufficient. It’s really effective, removing all my makeup with ease and it feels soft to the touch but not greasy. I use a flannel to remove it with but you could just use warm water. Afterwards my skin feels soft and nourished and doesn’t feel dry. 
Visage Antioxidant Face Oil €36 ( About £32)

This cold pressed seed oil which uses Camillia and Rose hip is suitable for all skin types.

A little goes a long way and I found I only needed 3-4 drops which I’ve used morning and night daily for a week now. It doesn’t feel heavy, which some face oils I’ve used can do. My skin felt hydrated and nourished, and I haven’t had any break outs, always a good sign. My only complaint, if you can call it that is that it doesn’t have any smell, and I do quite enjoy the ritual of putting something scented on my face, especially at bed time, that said it wouldn’t put me off using it, it’s simply my personal taste. 

What I love most about this brand is that they are proving that ethical, vegan and organic needn’t compromise on style or glamour. For me, that’s the biggest battle for Vegan beauty to overcome and Nādūr are hop, skip and jumping over that bridge! 
Have you tried Nādūr or any other vegan skincare brands? I’d love to hear below….

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