7 reasons why I love LFW! 

A by Jigsaw closed their flagship store for LFW

So fashion week is over, the A-List have all been flown off to Milan and Paris is preparing itself to go next. I absolutely love London Fashion week, even more so since I moved back here from Brighton after 12 years and the gruelling schedule got a little easier. I don’t tend to do the international shows as I don’t like to be away from my babies for that long so I jam pack loads into London and this season managed to squeeze in 17 shows and presentations and waaaaay to many aftershows and parties to report in just 3 days! And, while of course it’s all about the fashion, I love it for so many reasons other then this so I thought I’d share them with you. ..

At the Merchant Archive Presentation

Of course it can be hard work too, it’s not all glamour and partying (although there’s a fair helping of both!) the reality is trudging around in the wind and rain, trying to find locations for shows, never seeming to have enough battery despite carrying a handbag full of back ups, and my feet and skin are pretty much buggered for a week afterwards but here’s why it will always have a special place in my heart. 

1. Catching up with old friends and making new ones…

Just some of our gorgeous gang ❤️

We have a really lovely group of pals that all come together during fashion week, including stylists, PRs, bloggers, international journalists, music producers, photographers, models and retail buyers and LFW is the twice a year we all get to be in the same place at the same time. I also get to meet so many interesting people from around the world. My liver is always ready to give up afterwards as we get through a ton of prosecco but it’s totally worth it as we just have so much fun! Which leads me to….
2. Fashion week diets…

Eddie and Patsy would be proud 👌🏻

Our gang has a little tradition of going for chips and Prosecco at this really lovely old fashioned wine bar opposite one of the main catwalk venues. It’s full of old men in suits who’ve been frequenting the joint for decades but I’m sure we are the highlight of their week as we walk in like peacocks dressed in our finery! It’s the closest thing we get to a proper meal all week as there never seems to be enough time to actually eat during the hectic schedules, although there’s also usually some popcorn and chocolate on hand from the BFC sponsor luckily. 

3. The Venues…

Merchant Archive Presentation

From car parks to 5 star hotels, fashion week gives me a wonderful opportunity to visit loads of amazing and interesting venues I might not have been to before and I love exploring these, searching for interior inspirations as well as fashion ones. I’m always geared up afterwards for styling shoots. 

4. Paul Costello’s Show…

The glamour of these gals!

Like children, you are not meant to have a favourite, but I don’t mind sharing that without a doubt one of my most excited moment of LFW is Paul Costello’s Show. One day, I will order the whole collection (c’mon lottery!) as I find myself falling in love with nearly everything. The show itself is always such a classy affair, of course there’s the usual situation of squeezing bottoms on seats but being Irish there’s always that wonderful old fashion famous hospitality, you are offered a glass of champagne. the venue is always luxe, and the show is just so fun and unpretentious with Paul dancing down the runway for his finale with the models. 

5. Street style…

Don’t think a serious picture of me exists 🤣

London has the best street style in my humble opinion but fashion week is where it comes out in troves! 
It’s about total peacocking and the people watching is just fab! The first day is always the best for spotting outfits, it’s like the first day back at school and everyone gets dolled up big time! This season I got featured in the official London Fashion Week street style video, see if you can spot me (I’m in snakeskin boots with purple and red outfit!)

​ And on that note….

6. Getting papped…

There is nothing to make you feel more superstar then being papped outside a show and while I certainly DO NOT go chasing after it or stand around waiting for hours for someone to do so (I’m 35 yrs old for crying out loud!) it’s the ultimate compliment when it does happen. 

7. London’s eccentric Frow Spotting…

From drag queens to actual queens! The LFW Frow is packed with everyone from reality tv stars, supermodels, actors, international fashionistas, established music legends and emerging artists. Pam Hogg’s Show is a lesson in who’s who (and who shagged who back in the day!) London most defiantly has the most eccentric collection of people gracing the FROW.  I mean, c’mon HRH The Queen was there this season! Now what other fashion week can say that? 

Swapping style tips with Phillip Salon at Pam Hogg’s riotous Show

Have you been to LFW? Tell me your favourite things about it! Never been and fancy doing It? Let me know and I’ll share my top tips….


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