Who? What? Wear! #10 

Well, that was unexpected! The week that covered the country in snow and forced many to work from home or not at all, and instead enjoy the kids, build a snowman or just cosy up indoors. To be honest I’ve just tried to relax and enjoy the kids as much as possible (their school was closed Wednesday-Friday) and, as I was on deadline for the magazines I contribute to it was a welcome excuse to stay home and crack on.

All that is with exception to Tuesday, where I headed into central London for a meeting with a very lovely PR who had invited me to the Jurlique HQ in Oxford Street, which also has a beautiful store located on the street level (Marble Arch end) As I stepped out of the tube the skies opened and the most magical display of snow and people standing in the middle of the streets to capture themselves in snowy London was just beautiful and uplifting to watch. 

At Jurlique, I had the most relaxing facial experience, which FYI is a complimentary service they offer to customers. The store is really peaceful and you totally forget the fact you are in the middle of shopping Mecca. In addition to the facials they also have a therapy room where you can have a far more intensive and relaxing treatment. I had a lovely time learning about the brand, (which is Australian not French as I have always assumed it to be) and I picked up some lovely products from the range to try at home so will share those with you soon. 

And then, I stayed home. Cuddled the kids while watching movies, took a few snow pictures for the gram, took in some fabulous blogger mail from the post man (who literally looked like Santa in his red coat, bag of presents and snowy backdrop) and worked on my blog content meaning that next week I’ve got a post for you each and every day! Exciting! If you are not already subscribed then nows a great time to do so as these posts will hit your inbox without you having to do a thing. Or ‘Like’ my Facebook page as all posts are shared here too…. 

Snow weeks been fun but I’m ready to get back to normal life now! How about you? 

N x 

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