William & I |A Maximalist/Minimalist Love story.

Niche fragrances are having a moment. Maybe it’s the Instagram effect, as consumers our desire to ‘stand out’ from the crowd, both IRL as well as on our digital platforms continues to grow.

Recently I’ve found myself being drawn into Liberty’s, it happens often as its one of my most happy of places, but the enchanting waft of worldly scents has been pulling me in particular towards the fragrance hall, where I’ll spend an obscene amount of time touring the shelves and display counters in search of a new discovery. Like everything in Liberty’s, it’s a treasure trove, leaving you feeling as though you’ve been transported on a whistle stop, around-the-world tour, a world away from the usual commercial beauty halls we are more used to visiting.

It was here that I first discovered Atelier Bloem, an undisputed leader in the world of niche fragrances. I instantly loved the simplicity of the minimalist bottle design. Unusual for me, a maximalist at heart, with a ‘more is more’ attitude towards everything in life. Yet there was something sincere about its presentation that I admired.

The fragrances themselves were usual, like nothing I’d ever really tried before, strong yet not overpowering. I went home that night and researched the brand, discovering it had been created by the makers of Malin & Goetz. Again, another need to know, who’s gender neutral skincare and fragrances have cult following. They had been inspired to create the brand in celebration of the famous Bloemmarkt floating flower markets in Amsterdam. The result is a six-strong Parfum collection, each containing a unique distillation of signature florals.

A few weeks later, my very first Atelier Bloem fragrance arrived in the post, sent with compliments of their PR agency for my Christmas gift guide feature. But, there was a twist in the plot, the scent I had first fallen for ‘Black Tulip’ wasn’t available so they had instead sent me ‘William’.

To be honest, at the start I wasn’t totally sure how I feel about it, but it became so intoxicating to me that I fell for its unusual fragrance and now it has me firmly in its grasp. It is without a doubt the most unusual scent I’ve ever worn. It’s a grower you might say. To begin with I wore it only around the house. I wanted to test the reaction. It went down well. A fruity and floral scent which doesn’t feel a bit like what I’m used to when it think of these two worlds collading. It isn’t ‘girly’. Instead there is a sophistication. It hangs around but doesn’t offend in doing so.

Atelier Bloem has made me rethink fragrance in a way I’ve not given thought to before. It’s ignited a desire in me to step outside my comfort zone of musky, oriental perfumes I tend to favour. As such, the minimalist bottle now sits proudly and perfectly on my black slate tiled bathroom ledge.

William might have been a grower, but for me, its now a keeper.

‘William’ by Atelier Bloem is available at Liberty’s £160 for 100ml. To buy click here
FYI: This post contains PR samples sent to me for review purposes. However this is NOT a sponsored post meaning I have not been paid to promote the brands included. As such all thoughts and opinions remain my own. I do sometimes use affiliate links on products on my blog which means, if you buy a product recommended by me, I sometimes make a small commission, which helps to fund the running of this site. 

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