From Pitstop to Pamper with Salon64

I have a new pitstop here in London. It’s the perfect space for those frustrating moments where you realise you’ve got 45 minutes or so until your next meeting and both you and your phone are in desperate need of recharging. 

But it’s not a traditional coffee shop as you might assume but the uber chic Salon64, a hairdressing salon with a huge difference. 

Headed up by stylist Ricky Walters, who’s A-list clients have included Sandra Bullock & Arnold Swharzenegger, the idea for Salon64 came when he decided to go solo but didn’t want to open another traditional hairdressing salon. 

Instead he was driven by a desire to create a new concept in hairdressing that met the needs of the modern day woman & man, and having regularly spotted women in corner of coffee shops, trying to sort their hair and make-up into a tiny mirrors, or worse still the reflection in their IPhones, he wondered why there wasn’t a space where you could relax, get yourself prepped and take a moment of solace from the busy city. So he decided to create it himself. 

Further inspiration came in the form of the name, inspired by the original use of the word Salon, in 1664. The French use of the word  Salon was a space where women could gather together, enjoy conversation and relax while receiving beauty treatments. And so Salon64 was born. And the concept is one that has been taken into every single part of the interior concept as well as the service itself. 

The store itself is a interior design dream. Ricky worked to create a space that is both modern yet full of opulent luxury. Concrete is set against marble and gold, handmade chairs were flown in to fit the colour scheme of deep raspberry, there are fire pits running throughout the central islands on both floors and a nail bar was created to add the finish pampering touch. 

The wash rooms are luxurious private spaces, set back from the main lounge area offering a tranquil space to relax while having your hair washed, and that all important massage while conditioner is worked in. He also decided to step away from the traditional mirror on a wall, chair in front situation and so each space has an individual white glossy work station, which can be lifted like a jewellery box to reveal purple lined interior, space for drinks and products, and of course a mirror as well as charging ports. These can be dropped back down to use the space as a work station for laptops. 

Treatments include full on restyles with to simple blow drys. Or you can just pop in for a coffee and refresh from your own makeup bags, there’s always a good stack of mags on offer to flick through too should you fancy a digital detox. And the coffee is good. In every sense of the word coming from London Ethical coffee brand Vagabond. In addition, they have a loyalty programme where you get a free blow dry with every 20 cups of coffee purchased. Now that’s the kind of reward I can get on board with! 

I’m wearing: 

Polka dot blouse Zara (similar here) | Jeans Current/ Elliott (similar here) | Watch (gifted) Rotary | Bracelet Tory Burch | Earrings Whistles (similar here) Boots (Similar here) 

Hair by Ricky Walters at Salon64

All images shot on location at Salon64 | Tel:02038484130 | 14 Bateman Street | London | W1D3AG

Photography by Sians Photography 

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