Puff Puff & Away! | Foreo Iris Eye Massager 

My eyes have been through a lot these past few weeks. Having lost a dear friend I’ve been spontaneously bursting into tears daily and my eyes would have been a lot worse I believe if I hadn’t had two new products in my arsenal to fight against puffyness and dark circles. The first of these is the Foreo Iris Eye massager. (the second I’ll be sharing here next week…) 

Featured in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide I literally couldn’t wait to give this a try. I’m a big fan of Foreo products already as I love their ability to combine sleek design and technology together and believe they really are a stand out brand in the world of beauty. 

The Iris, was inspired by the lymphatic eye massages practiced in Asia and uses T-Sonic™️ technology which gives the delicate eye area a gentle massage. It has two modes, Pure Mode and Spa Mode. The first gives a light tapping sensation while the latter incorporates gentle pulsations and is better suited to those looking to reduce signs of aging. 

On their website Foreo claim that it is 3.5x more effective at reducing bags under the eyes, 70% more effective at reducing dark circles and 43% more effective at reducing crows feet. (I can’t confirm any of these having not done my own research) but I can say that I personally have found it a life saver for my own eyes. 

It’s exceptionally easy and quick to use, you simply apply your eye cream or serum as normal, then spend 30 seconds per eye to spread the product in slowly moving the device around the eye contour. The sonic pulses help to work your product of choice deeper into the skin tissue, therefore enhancing its overall effectiveness. The massage also is like having a mini facial morning and night. Like all Foreo products it’s made from ultra-hygienic, medical grade hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate after Silicone that resists bacteria build up. 

The Foreo Iris now sits proudly among my beauty favourites

I genuinely wouldn’t want to be without mine now, and everyone I’ve showed it to has also been hooked and at least 3 people have tried to make a quick exit with it! Lol 

The Iris costs £119 and is available to buy via the Foreo website or Thehut.com (which is an affiliate link but you can get £20 off when spending £80 or £40 off when spending £120 so is well worth using code SPRING. ) 

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