Fun & Playful Summer dressing | Ginham 

Asked to describe my style in 3 words I would say “Witty but pretty!” That is I like a playful undertone in my sartorial choices and I guess I’m just fairly traditional and feminine, so it usually takes the form of a pretty dress with heels. Not that I don’t of course love some masculine tailoring and I’m always looking to influencers such as My Bubba and Me (who nails feminine tailoring every time!) for outfit inspo that stirs up a new way of looking at what I put on, but usually it’s as a break from the norm. 

As such this outfit for me is a total ‘Natalie’ one! My friends who know me well will agree, there’s a bright colour, some print, ruffles and puff sleeves and a statement accessory. It also ticks the boxes of my trusted method of mixing old with new, so the skirt is a vintage piece I discovered on a buying trip for my vintage brand La Femme Vtg, the top was a bargain £5 but from H&M, the bag is new season from COS and the shoes are Primark. 

Primark is not somewhere I shop for fashion, it’s not snobbery, I’m just not a ‘fast fashion’ kinda gal as the whole production process/workers rights worries me, so I make sure if I do buy cheap I buy it with the intention of loving it for a good few seasons ahead and treat it the same as my designer pieces. That said, I do always scour the shoe section while picking up socks and tights for my little ones as they always have a great selection (plus I’m so hard on shoes I tend to keep the really good ones for special occasions!) it’s usually a treasure trove for designer inspired pieces and paired with the right outfit, look far more expensive their price tag. 

The skirt is for sure a statement piece and vintage is in my opinion ALWAYS the best place to source trophy pieces, therefore avoiding the whole ‘both arrive at the party in the  same frock’ dilemma. Gingham is also on trend for SS seasons so this one is a real keeper. 

The bag is COS, which is one of my absolute favourite high street stores, which seems surprising considering the fact it’s minimalist and the colour palettes are usually subdued but I love how they always seem to create pieces that are both timeless as well as directional. 

Accessory wise it needs very little. And with exception to Earrings I don’t tend to go mad with jewellery, usually because I have a massive pair of bobby dazzlers hanging from my lobes! I picked this Astra Jewellery necklace (featured in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide) which is called Celebration. I love the rose gold and silver combo and the sparkles remind me of special moments, stars in the sky and bubbles in champagne! 

As for the milk crate posing? Well, I was feeling a bit Milkmaid-y in the ginham already and as luck would have it there just happened to be one laying around. When you dress playful, you can’t help but BE playful and fashion first and foremost should always be fun! 

N x 

Shot on location at Soho Hotel, Soho. Thanks to the team for looking after us! 

Thanks also to Salon64 for hair & Photography by Sians Photography

Shop my style: 

TOP H&M (similar here) | Skirt La Femme Vtg (Similar here) | SHOES Primark (similar here) BAG COS £150 | NECKLACE Astra £109

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