British Red Cross Chelsea Designer sale

Vintage Hermes dress, Max Mara Bag & Vtg hat all British Red Cross

A couple of weeks back I was invited to The British Red across store on Chelsea to their bi-annual Designer sale. Now before you wrinkle that nose let me tell you, this is no normal charity shop and this is was no normal event.

The British Red Cross store host the event twice yearly and hold back the creme de la creme for it to ensure the rails are packed with nothing the very best in vintage, Preloved and new designer label fashion. You know that dream you have of finding a vintage Chanel jacket nestled in the rails of a charity shop? This is it come true! It is Chelsea after all…

Being the lucky lady I am I was invited along to preview the sale 2 hours before the general public, who quite literally queued around the block patiently waiting for the doors to open. I knew it would be worth it, as my good friend, blogger Diary of an Honest Woman works closely with the British Red Cross, and had been sending me sneaky peeks via WhatsApp, but I actually wasn’t prepared for exactly how good!

Before I’d even finished saying hello I was already running to the rails and shelves, my eyes doing 100mile an hour scanning on the room.

Having had a vintage shop on Brighton for years previously I’m no stranger to trawling the charity shops in search of a hidden gem, anything but a glamorous task made only bearable by the treasure found. But these gems were there, hanging beautifully like a designer store, no rummaging needed, clean and fresh and everywhere I looked I spotted a Chanel, a Pucci, a Gucci…. HEAVEN!

Within seconds I had an armful and myself and stylist Savannah of FashionClocking were playing dress up in the fitting rooms and then running outside for a mini fashion shoot of our finds! Seriously good fun!

My favourites included a vintage blue Hermes dress (£180) a Max Mara bag from SS17 (£140) some vintage Pucci trousers (£120) a vintage black and cream hat (£40) a vintage Pucci Scarf (£120) a Christopher Kane LBD which I had been eyeing up on (£225) and a brand new with labels coral/orange dress from COS which I had fallen in love with last year and missed out on buying (£30). The COS dress is part of their “Encore” range which is donated by brands such as &OtherStories, COS and H&M and is available year round.

So, what did I get? Obviously it had to be the Christopher Kane, it was less then 25% of its original ticket price along with the Max Mara bag which has paid for itself in compliments alone. I also took the COS dress which I love. As a thank you I was also gifted two gorgeous vintage scarves including by a Wimbledon themed one. And I’ve lived to regret not buying those Pucci trousers s well as the Pucci scarf which I could have framed! Darn, I won’t be making that mistake for next season’s event!!

The one day event raised £18,000 with a further £10,000 in the days that followed. The money will be used to help those in great need included victims of natural disasters and those living in the most extreme cases of poverty. Guilt free shipping at its best I’d say.

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