Countdown to Summer | Hydrate!Hydrate! Hydrate! with Jurlique

Following on from last weeks Countdown to Summer post, Fake (tan) it till you make it, this week it’s all about skincare and getting your skin looking tip-top for wearing less make up.

For me, the key to this is all about hydration. Plumping, skin tone, dryness for me can all be combated my simply keeping my skin hydrated. Of course, most models will swear by lots of water as their beauty secret but your skin is the last thing to get the water you ingest so if you really want to keep your skin hydrated then start by putting it directly on the source!

Hydration can come in many forms, from serums, to moisturisers to facial mists. I’ve been trying 3 products recently from one of my favourite brands Jurlique (I spoke about their Eye Contour Balm recently) and they have been like a much needed tall glass of water for my skin. You can either try all three or pick and choose from the ones that will work best for you…

Activating Water Essence £40

This water essence contains Marshmallow Root which has a syrup-like liquid called mucilage which helps to soften, rebalance and hydrate the skin. Use after cleansing but before your facial toning mist, as it prepares the skin by softening, hydrating and revitalises skin. Simply place a few drops into the palms of your hands, rub together then pat onto the neck and face until it’s absorbed. Follow with a good facial toning mist and serum…

Calendula Redness Restorative Treatment Serum £45:

One of the things I love about Jurlique is the fact that the range is so personal. There are lots of options to choose from but it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming array as each product type are further broken into skin concerns. Therefore this particular serum is great for me, but you might want to look at the rest of the range for yourself. I suffer from redness, and my skin is easily affected by environmental factors such as pollution as well as things like drinking alcohol resulting in Rosacia. This serum which contains Calendula flower extract, used for its calming Oleanolic Acid, and works to calms my skin down no end. Just a few drops twice a day is all that’s needed to return it to a more relaxed and less angry tone.

LIMITED EDITION Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Hydrating Mist: £24

Jurlique are known for their facial mists which have a cult following, and to be fair they all smell amazing so for good reason. My personal favourite happens to be this limited edition Sweet Violet & Grapefruit which is perfect for summer. It’s refreshing mist leaves my skin feeling cooler, hydrated and smelling divine. The citrus really does perk me up on a hot day and I love the fact I can spray on on top of my makeup as well as use it as part of my skincare regime.

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