Countdown to Summer | You’re wearing protection, Right? With Institut Esthederm

Whether you are planning a summer vacation or a more simple staycation one thing is for certain, you need to make sure you are protecting yourself from sun-damage. I know that us Brits don’t tend to always think of this as we can experience all four seasons in a day but we have been having some glorious sunshine this year. However, did you know that you need to be wearing SPF even when the sun isn’t shining?

What’s more, you need to also being giving thought to protecting yourself from the type of sun you are exposed to, I’m sure you know what I mean, like how the sun in Italy for example seems different to the sun in the UK? That’s because it is. The location dictates what type of sun damage you are being exposed to, as such Institut Esthederm have devised an easy to understand way for you to ensure you are taking the best care of your skin in the form of their ADAPTASUN range. This does not use SPF numbers, but rather sun strengths to determine which product is best, and these are signalled by a “Sun” logo ranging in 2-3. The whole range has their gorgeous signature scent, which for me is a signal of summer and a promise of fun times ahead.

For Face:ADAPTASUN Sensitive skin Protective Face Care for Strong Sun £41 50ml

It’s always best, I’m my opinion, to use a separate sunscreen for your face and your body. This is for two reasons. The first being that I tend to want to protect my face more then the rest of my body, it catches the sun quicker, is exposed for longer and I’m worried about premature ageing from this sun exposure, so for me I’ll use a higher strength. I’m happy for my body to catch a little more sunlight and have a sun-kissed glow but for my face I prefer to fake the glow and completely protect it.

The second reason I use a different lotion is that face creams tend to be less greasy, and when it comes to your face you want to make sure you are not blocking those pores and that your skin can still “breathe”.

As such I’ve been using the ADAPTASUN Protective Face Care for Strong Sun (3 sun logos) This one is for sensitive skin but the range has a great variety so pick the one that works best for your skin type. You apply it 20 mins before entering the sun and then every two hours afterwards. It’s non greasy so you can apply make up over the top also making it perfect for everyday use.

For Body: Protective Silky Body Mist Moderate Sun £39 150ml

For body I like to use a spray, I find it easier to apply and I tend to keep it know the fridge where possible so it’s lovely and cooling on application. Try it, you won’t look back I promise!

For my most recent getaway in May ’18 to Kalkan, Turkey I was sent the ADAPTASUN Protective silky Body Mist in “Moderate sun” (2 Sun logos) by Estherderm to try. As I say it’s a spray formula and so is really easy to apply and comes out as a really fine mist, that you can layer rather then “splodging” out as some sprays do. The bottle says to apply “frequently” which for me is every few hours, or each time I order another drink/snack which seemed to be a good measure.

I’ve linked all the products above to Harvey Nichols to make it easy for you to shop (affiliate link) and you can buy Esthederm suncare from Space NK stores, as well as all good Pharmacy’s. It’s worth mentioning that both need reapplying after swimming.

N x

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