Red Carpet Facial with Perfecte’Me at Omniya

Being 36 now I’m starting to see changes in my face, one of these being a less defined jaw line, so when I was offered the opportunity to try a new treatment by Perfecte’Me which is considered as a non-invasive face lift I was hop, skip and jumping along to the uber chic Omniya in Knightsbridge to give it a go.

The treatment is effectively a facial but rather then a relaxing, candle lit affair it’s more technical based and uses a machine to heat your skin and use high intensity radio frequency in order to allow fat cells to breakdown, which results in a younger, plumper and more smooth complexion.

What’s especially good is that the treatment lasts just 45 mins and you can pop in on your lunch break should you wish and the results can be seen from your first treatment making it perfect for the upcoming party season. Prices start from £75 per session and to see the optimum results it is recommended you should have 6 sessions, which would be weekly for the first 3 or 4 and then a follow up once a month, then once every 6 months from then onwards.

The Perfecte’Me system works by heating the skin to 40degrees using high intensity radio frequencies to help aid collagen and elastin productions. It’s a process that’s quite comfortable although can leave your skin a little pink afterwards from the heat. As such I’d suggest having it the day before a big event as my skin stayed pink for several hours, although did look immediately better for the treatment.

Did it work? Well, I had people telling me that I looked like I had lost weight, especially on the face and I felt too that this was the case. I think my jaw line showed massive improvement in the weeks that followed also, so I would say that was a resounding yes. My skin looked plumper also, I had just two treatments so if you were having the recommended 6-8 I think you really would see dramatic results.


As I say, I felt I could see immediate results such as a great improvement in my under-eye area as well as plumper, fresher looking skin but it was about a week or so later when I started to notice the improvements to my jaw line. I’m really happy with the results I got from 2 sessions I had and so would definitely go back for follow up treatments. Other results include reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and I’ve seen some very impressive before and afters for this.

To book you can contact Omniya, Knightsbridge (opposite Harrods) on 02075844777 or email via the website

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