Fun toys for little girls & boys | #lflxmas2018

So originally I was going to split this into toys for boys and toys for girls but I have to say in this day and age that seems pretty prehistoric. A good toy should extend to all genders and I’m certainly trying my best not to force gendered toys onto my kids. They however do seem to still go for those “traditional” ideas, which is not surprisingly when the toy shops have two very clear “sections”, there’s still a long way to go it seems and I think this debate is one that will be ongoing for a long time.

Anyhow. Here’s some of the toys my little ones are loving and have on their list. I hope it provides some inspiration for the little darlings in your life, after all what is Christmas if not for the kids?!

Cry babies Large Dotty Doll £24.99

We attend a launch for this range earlier this year and I took both my daughter, 7 and my son, 6. They both had a blast and loved playing with their goody bag toys from the range. Cry Babies, for those not in the know is a collectable range of dolls that literally cry when filled with water. The range has extended now to this larger doll which my little one will go crazy for. Plus they are totally adorable.

Beasts of Balance game by Sensible Object £69.99

This is a really smart tech toy that I’m gifting to my nephew, 10. It works by interacting with a phyical game to your tablet or smart phone, and these kind of toys are in my mind the future of toys for kids, combining tradition with tech. (I wrote a whole gift guide on this concept last year) Its great fun to play (I’ve tried and tested it) and I can’t wait to see all the kids, young and old playing on Xmas day together.

TOMY Kiipix Portable Smartphone Printer £39.99

I love this, again another idea that will work for younger and older audiences. You use your smartphone to print pictures. It doesn’t require any batteries, wires or WiFi either, always a bonus! A great way to encourage the internet generation of the joys of keeping a physical photo album.

TOMY Soccerborg game £39.99

These Remote Control robots battle it out to each score a goal against their opponent. So much fun that Forbes names it one of the top toys to watch in 2018! High praise indeed and it’s got my vote!

Boom Ball £26.99

Old school silliness at its best. Again a great one for girls and boys of all ages (imagine how much fun this would be after dinner for the adults when the champagne has been flowing! Lol)

2-in-1 Earth & Constellations Globe £39.99

It is still my dream to find an Art Deco globe for display in my house. I came so close once before but sadly some eager eyed person had found it before me at an antique store. My heart still breaks now when I think about it, so imagine how I feel towards this unique and innovative globe which switches to a map of the stars for night (also combining my passion for astrology) Who said educational toys need be boring?! This will provide hours of interest and entertainment for your little ones.

TOMY Stink Bombz £9.99

Kids love farts. FACT. They find it bloody hilarious (don’t ask me why?!) so they will love these Stink Bombz by TOMY. Each one has a unique scent and these soft plushies release 3 different sounds when squeezed.


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