These products won’t mend a broken heart (But they might make you look better while you deal with that shit!)

So here’s a post at the beginning of last year I didn’t realise that:

A: I would need to read &

B: would have the necessary experience to write about but what a difference a year can make!

While 2019 served me up plenty of highs it’s also sadly dished my heart up on a platter broken not once but twice!

The first was in Spring when my epic novel of love spanning over a decade ended and the second in the winter, a short story of a whirlwind romance which swept me off my feet before very rudely spitting me out the other side! Love is a rollercoaster as they say!

Before you switch off thinking this is a post filled with sadness I can ensure you it’s not, instead me turning my pain into poetry in the only way I know how…. by writing about the healing powers of beauty products and how I quite literally “put a brave face” on 2019.

Why share it? Because I am not naive enough to believe that I’m the only person dealing with heartbreak and having to still get on with their daily shit rather than wallow in a pit of sadness. And get on with my shit I have! (just about)

What I learnt, other then trust no one (jokes) is that heartbreak sadly has a tendency to play havoc with your beauty routine, no doubt owing to the sleepless night’s, puffy eyes from all the crying, not eating or worse still eating rubbish (the same goes for drinking) plus the overwhelming feeling of needing a bloody good hug!

As someone who has experienced this twice in 12 months I feel rather well versed in being able to offer some practical beauty solutions to deal with the physical hardships that turning your frown upside down comes with. I hope they offer comfort to the reader and give you the strength to continue being your fabulous self!

1: The eyes are the windows to the soul

This is very true and nothing says DEAD INSIDE quite like a couple of puffy red eyes. Not good if you have an actual job to maintain or a life to lead that requires interacting with other human beings!

If either of these apply then you’ll need to to hide the fact you’ve not slept properly in days and haven’t stopped crying since at least last Tuesday! What is called for here is a super charged eye treatment! There are a few I reach for but the one that seems to bring instant satisfaction and stops me scaring young children is by Radara.

These eye patches have 3000 micro-needles which penetrate the epidermis which combined with an eye cream or serum allow it to reach further down into the layers of skin allowing for more dramatic results. You can combine this with their own HA serum which is also fab or your own tried and tested favourite but the eye patches are 100% a must!

2: Skin Dryer then the Sahara desert

The chances are that if you are suffering with a broken heart your skincare routine has fallen well and truly out of the window! It’s time to simplify! My two go too’s have been Rodial’s Vit C Face Soufflé £85 (50ml) which is a little pot of joy of the most miserable of mornings, owing to its uplifting fragrance and super powerful formula which contains 2%Vit C which helps to brighten even the dullest of complexions.

Next up is another wonder product, Rosalique 3-in-1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula £29.99 (30ml)

As the name suggests it’s banishes red skin and I’ve used it as both a primer, as well as a substitute for foundation on the days where putting on actual makeup was beyond my mental capacity!

It contains SPF 50 (UVA & UVB protection) and instantly conceals redness, treats seacotove skin and protects against further damage.

3. I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair….

For some reason heartbreak and washing your hair seem to come up over and over in songs which to me is a total mystery because we all know that the likelihood of a combination of fresh hair and a broken heart are slim to none!

( Reference 1 Lizzo: “best friend sat me down on the salon chair. Shampoo, press get him outta my hair” Reference 2: Mary Martin “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair!”

For those days when the simplest of tasks such as running a brush through your hair feels too much I’ve a couple of solutions. I’ve never really been a fan of dry shampoo but I’ve found an even better alternative in the shape Sam McKnight’s Cool Girl Texture Spray £25 (250ml). It adds “ompff” to hair that is doing its best job to mirror your lacklustre soul while also acting as a dry shampoo hiding the fact you’ve not had the mental capacity to wash it as often as you prob should have!

4: The overwhelming feeling of needing a good hug and the underwhelming feeling of no one being around to give you one!

Yes, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s a broken heart or a crap day at work sometimes all we need is a good hug!

Sadly singledom comes with those moments of needing a bloody good hug but there being no one around to offer you one. It’s at moments like these you need to pour a hot bath and immerse yourself in its healing warmth. There are two products I reach for whenever this is the case. The first is D.Tox salts from Goop £30 (enough for 3 baths) . Enriched with activated charcoal, these bath salts literally feel like that are sucking all the bad toxins out of your body, be that alcohol, a bad choice in men or partying too hard through your pain!

The second is Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oils (I recommend Inner Strength to lift the spirits £49 55ml), which incidentally work just as well in the shower if you don’t have a bath. Just choose the one that helps how you wish to feel (healing, soothing, uplifting) rub onto your body and jump into a hot shower. They really do lift the spirits!

Finally there are two products that never fail to convince the world you are doing way better then you actually feel. Black oversized sunnies and a strong red lip. I find Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment £22 in shade Don’t Stop! a great non smudger that doesn’t leave your lips feeling dried out.

And remember you are not alone!

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted products and affiliate links

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