Häagen-Dazs comes to London this summer for Openaire Cinema

Summer has finally arrived and what better way to celebrate then with a delicious evening with Häagen-Dazs at this year’s offering from Openaire float in Cinema in London’s Merchant Square (5 mins walk from Paddington Station)

I was invited for the launch night and have to say it was so much fun! The movie selections are all classics and although many have sold out now owing to it’s popularity, there are still tickets left for The Dark Night, Joker, Top Gun and Jaws, which is the movie we saw for the press launch.

The event is run with social distancing in mind with orders being taken from your boat or deckchair via online ordering system.

Of course Häagen-Dazs has ensured all their best sellers are available including Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel and strawberry being among a few on offer.

There’s also lots of fun photo opportunities to be had before your movie starts!

Tickets cost £19.80 for a deck chair and £285 for a boat seating up to 8 people and can be booked at The website here

In other Häagen-Dazs news they have just launched two limited edition boozy inspired flavours, Piña Colada and Lime Mojito Sorbet availabe at Asda for £4.99. they have less then 0.97% alcohol making them the perfect alternative to cocktails this summer!

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