Travelling again? Don’t leave without Beautifect, the ultimate beauty product you won’t be able to live without!

I’m going to share a personal story. Years ago I used to take a 1950s white leather vanity case with me every time I left home for even a few days. I loved the glamour it gave to vacation outfits and the ritual of packing all my beauty bits away gave me an excitement for the next few days ahead.

It was however super bulky, all my products rattled around inside and although it had a mirror it was rather rubbish and certainly no good for doing my makeup with. But oh the glamour!

Fast forward a few years and with travel back on the agenda, be that via staycation or a full blown vacation, carrying your beauty products in style has just had an upgrade thanks to the Beautifect Box.

Created by Dr Tara Lalvani, the space-saving, time-saving and appearance-perfecting box is the staple for all upcoming travel this summer!

The compact box, which has enough space for all your makeup, uses 5 different lighting environments and a true definition mirror to create the perfect environment to do your makeup wherever you may be. The chic and lightweight Beautifect Box has provided industry defining light at the touch of a button, revolutionising how and where we are able to carry out our daily routines. The Beautifect Box is the first of its kind, allowing for perfect make-up all hours of the day!

Even if not travelling it’s perfect for using your daily favourites or getting ready in front of the tv in the living room, or wherever you fancy!

It comes in two colours and costs £279. Harrods stock it (always a clear sign of a quality product!) or you can purchase it direct HERE

It’s genuinely on mine (and my daughters) Christmas wish lists already! Yes I said Christmas, I’m a journalist so we start thinking about this early! Lol

This is a sponsored post. However all views remain authors own.

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