La Femme Eats #1 T.T Liquor

Being a Londoner makes you a little lazy, with so much on your own doorstep we are a bit spoilt and I am most certainly guilty of this.

As a resident of what I like to lovingly refer to as the “Wild West” aka Ealing it takes an awful lot to ignite the desire in me to head to the “Far East” aka Shoreditch, nearly an hour on the central line from me plus a 15 minute walk, it’s got to be super special if I’m going to invest that level of time and effort, despite the fact I adore East London and all its 1950s gangster charm.

There is one place in particular that has however become a firm favourite of mine and I will happily jump on the tube (or spend the £30 on an Uber for) and that is T.T. Liquor. Boasting all the charm of the East (read dark coloured rustic chic) the interior alone is a dream. As you enter through the store you are greeted by hundreds of beautiful spirit bottles, lined up in wooden shelves like a library of booze. So far soo good and being a historian at heart I could literally spend an uncomfortable amount of time pouring over their delightful display and selection.

However, the real showstopper is to be found on the roof, where a secret open air garden (which FYI on a good day is a total sun-trap) awaits. There are also covered booths for less then sunny days and a retractable roof planned for imminent installation.

Cocktails are at the core of this establishment and boy oh boy do they know how to make them! The Old Fashioned, repeatedly tried and tested by my willing boyfriend has become a clear winner for him. The Venetian Spritz, a sophisticated take on the popular aperol spritz has kept me equally enamoured on multiple occasions.

Of course a few cocktails will inevitably lead to the munchies and on this front TT Liquor also have you more then covered, having partnered with Good Fired pizza. It is without a doubt the best pizza I’ve ever eaten (and yes, I’ve been to Italy!) their pizzas are frankly perfection. My advice, whatever you do, ensure you order a selection as you will have pure food envy and will no doubt unwittingly find yourself slicing off from your pals/lover/table-next-door within seconds!

Finally the staff, for me this is what truly makes a place feel like somewhere you’d want to have as your “local” and I adore their vibrant and eclectic mix of passionate people. The vibe is relaxed, don’t come here if you are in a hurry but for me that is it’s selling point. Great food, excellent drinks and staff that make you feel like you never want to leave.

Pizzas are priced £7.50-£11.50. Cocktails priced £8-£10

T.T.Liquor 17B Kingsland Road, E2 8AA

*complimentary press visit

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