The perfumes I fell in love with in 2021…

Perfume had become such a passion of mine of the past few years. I remember years ago when I had just one signature scent that I would wear. Now I’m much more of a flirt when it comes to my fragrance choices, unsurprising really when you consider what I do for a living.

While I might flirt with my scents I’m always loyal to the same notes, tending to fall for floriental scents. Vanilla, musk, Jasmine are always winners for me to. Incense is also becoming a new obsession.

Here are some of my favourites that would make wonderful gifts for yourself or to another…

La Perla Beauty About That Night EDP £88 100ml

Having attended the launch party for the La Perla Beauty range earlier this autumn I was lucky enough to smell the whole range and invited to take my favourite home with me. This was my winner (although I’d happily have selected half a dozen) The colours of the bottles match the mood of the fragrance inside, going from pale to deepest dark shades. As always my fragrance mood was that of sultry and sexy and this feminine scent combines notes of Jasmine, iris, pear, blackcurrant and a dry down of musk and tonka bean.

Clive Christian Crown Collection Matsukita £285 100Ml EDP

This is the epitome of what luxury niche fragrances should be, The radiant red bottle, it’s shiny golden crown lid, the luxurious packaging and inside all that a scent that is as intoxicating as it is pleasurable. Combining Amber, floral , spicy and woody notes this is my new obsession.

Bohoboco Dark Vinyl Musk EDP £115 50ml

This brand excels in the unusual. Firstly their Polish roots (not the first place you think of when you think of perfume) and secondly in their unusual yet pleasantly surprising fragrance combinations. Dark Vinyl Musk is one of their newest releases and has notes of Rose and sandalwood at the top, incense and balsamic notes at the heart and amber and leather at the base.

Floral Street Sunflower Pop EDP £98 100ml

I’ll let you into a little secret, I hate sunflowers. Passionately. However, this collaborative project between clean & vegan friendly fragrance brand Floral Street and the Van Gough Museum has well and truly won me over. I adore it’s optimistic citrus scent which combines mandarin with vegan honey accord and Calabrian bergamot. It feels refreshingly light hearted to wear.

ILK Fantasist Extrait de Parfum £125 50ml

Cannabis is having a moment right now in perfume and I have found that for me it can be very hit or miss. However, I have found the most amazing hit in the form of IDK Fantasist which combines juicy tart apple with Jasmine, coffee and incense.

Sisley Paris Izia La Nuit EDP £198 100ml

The bottle of this immediately makes me think of old school Hollywood glamour and the fragrance inside completes that picture. Using the rare Izia Rose as it’s inspiration, this opulent woody scent also has blackcurrant for a fruity hit as well as patchouli and oakmoss,

The Merchant of Venice Murano Vinegia 21 EDP £250 100ml

I was reintroduced to this brand this summer with the launch of this stunning new fragrance, exclusive to Harrods. Passionate about their ingredients as well as the beautiful bottles designed in Murano. Vinegia 21 is an homage to the city’s 1600th anniversary and has warming golden saffron, fine woods and incense which come together to create a sensual lingering scent.

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