Cool off TONIGHT with a refreshing Bombay Sapphire Art class! Last chance to book…

Need a distraction from the heatwave? Something to focus on other then stating for the 100th time this week that you are overheating? A nice refreshing Gin & Tonic to cool you down?

Then why not give yourself a moment to forget the heat and join BOMBAY SAPPHIRE at 6pm today for a fun and invigorating session with their Art of Surprise art class in partnership with MasterPeace, London. Tickets are £22 each and are for this evening at 6pm on Eccleston Yards, London .

The leading premium gin brand has come together with the popular London studio to encourage guests to hone their art skills and stir creativity with each of the sessions inspired by four hero gins from the ever-expanding BOMBAY SAPPHIRE collection.

Designed to reignite this creative spark by offering simple, convenient skills that can be learned in a 90-minute exploration of art and flavour. Whether you are looking to discover new creative skills or upgrade your G&Ts for when you next host a social event.

The class will be led by an awe-inspiring artist from MasterPeace Studios and the cost of the ticket includes all the materials and tools that guests will need to complete their works of art.


In celebration of one of the country’s favourite tipples, the experience will also include a G&T bar. Upon arrival at the venue you will be invited to take a turn on the ‘Ginspiration Wheel’, which will land on a FeverTree mixer and a garnish option to adorn their G&T. Acting as the canvas for these G&T twists will be one of the four hero gins, each of which have a beautifully balanced taste profile that welcome different combinations of mixers and garnishes. The range includes Bombay Bramble – a bold, berry gin with a 100% natural flavour infusion, Bombay Citron Pressé – a brand-new Mediterranean lemon flavoured gin with vibrant zesty notes, Bombay Sunset – a subtly spiced and citrusy gin that evokes the sense of the setting sun and of course, the iconic Bombay Sapphire – with its versatile profile making it the perfect base for a plethora of cocktails.

Tickets are available on MasterPeace.Studio for £22. Book one of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Art of Surprise classes and find out what you’ll be turning your hand to. Each ticket includes two G&Ts from the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE bar.

For further G&T inspiration including a range of recipes and How To videos, check out @BombaySapphireUK.


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