Hair transformation by Jason Collier

A couple of months ago I was invited to have a hair refresh with hairdresser to the A list, Jason Collier.

The invite couldn’t have come at a better time as I had been feeling for sometime that my hair was dull and was lacking personality and so had been deliberating a complete shake up, especially with my 40th birthday approaching, I fancied a new exciting do to enter a new and exciting decade.

Sadly my body had other plans and decided to pick up a horrid bug the day before my appointment meaning that I had to wait another couple of weeks after my big 4-0 for mine and Jason’s diaries to align. It was soo worth the wait!

Before. Mousy brown with a sprinkling of grey!

When my appointment finally arrived Jason and I discussed how I was feeling about my hair and what ideas I had. I told him I was thinking of a red and showed him a picture of a flame haired fashion editor I admire. After consulting the hair chart we decided that he would lighten my hair and go for a much brighter copper then the image I’d shown. I was slightly nervous but very happy to throw myself into Jason’s expertise hands. Jason also suggest we create a “money piece” with two bold streaks at the front, again I was a little nervous it might be a bit Ginger spice but was game for it.

Half way there. A light bleach bath to rid my hair of all the box dye jobs.

After lightening my hair and stripping out the remains of a less then inspiring, home done box dye I was already feeling excited! Stage two was the “money piece” followed by the main colour.

I was immediately delighted. Next up the cut. Again my hair was lacking any real shape. I tend to always go for a very blunt edged bob but Jason suggested we soften the lengths around the face and again I was delighted with the results as my fine hair felt like it had much more volume.

Feeling amazing thanks to the gorgeous colour & cut.

I wanted to leave the salon feeling totally different to how I entered and can say with all honestly that I left feeling fabulous, not something I’m used to saying when leaving the hairdressers. In fact more often then not I feel like I want to cry.

Months on and I can truly say that Jason has transformed my life! I know this sounds like a very over the top statement so let me elaborate.

Over the past couple of years I’ve lost a hell of a lot of confidence having put two dress sizes on. As a result I’ve taken to hiding from the camera as much as possible (not ideal when you are supposed to be in front of it for work) and when I have seen my image back I’ve just felt so shit about what I’ve seen.

Since my appointment with Jason I have felt more confident then I have felt in years. I am really enjoying once again being in front of the camera (you’ll notice that from the increase in my Instagram posts!) and feel like I finally have really cool hair, the type I’ve always envied in others.

What’s more everyone around me has been so excited about the new colour and commented on how it has transformed my complexion, something I agree with wholeheartedly.

I’ve stopped feeling old and frumpy and started to feel cool and sexy once again. I want to dress up, wear colour and be seen rather then hiding in black. My weight hadn’t changed at all, but how I feel about myself has and all through the power of an incredible hairdresser.

Thank you Jason, for the colour, the cut and for making me feel like a sexy confident woman once again!

Pricing with Jason starts at £56 for a cut, and £80 for colour. All appointments can be booked via the website too: CONTACT | Jason Collier (

*press appointment


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