Hi, I’m Natalie Courtois (pronounced coo-twar) and I’m a Fashion Editor, Stylist & Fashion Historian. 

Relaxing in Barcelona March 2017

This blog is a insight into my day to day experiences both in my professional life and personal life as a mother and home maker with a passion for travel, and it means the world to me that you have popped along to share this with me! 

Outside the Toga AW17 fashion show at LFW Feb 2017

As you can see I am OBSESSED with all things Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. So far, so blogger normal! I guess what makes me a little different, my USP if you will, is that being a Fashion Historian (BA HONS) means that I am really interested not just in the superficial fashion world of rising hem lines and seasonal trends (I do love these, don’t be fooled!) but I am also really interested in the WHY’S of fashion. WHY does that dress make you feel that way? Why are designers using certain inspirations? WHY does it cost what it does?  WHY does a beauty product contain a certain ingredient and not another?

Attending Christopher Kane Private view Sept 2015

In short, I try to dig a little deeper, to give a feel for not just the brand but the PEOPLE and the IDEAS behind these brands, products & locations. I’m passionate about British designers and heritage brands. I love a good back story, you could say I’m a bit nosey!

Personal Style:
My Sartorial style is maximal and feminine, it’s what I like to call ‘Pretty but Witty’

Malone Souliers SS17 LFW presentation wearing Christopher Kane, Sophia Webster & Carolina Wong: Sept 2016

I love designer labels but happily mix these with high street and vintage.  I favour quality over quantity and I’ve realised I don’t really need anything more so I tend to stick to a rule of love it or leave it. I want my pieces to last years rather than seasons but I do still like to keep to current trends. I’m passionate about finding emerging designers and always look to support British Brands first as they seek to always get ‘me’ with the high/low mix. 

At the Pam Hogg LFW fashion show with ‘Blitz Kid’ Phillip Sallon wearing Sorapol & Vintage Sept 2016


My beauty obsession came from blogging for the past two years as a duo for Lady Loves Online with my bff Danielle Alexandria, the biggest beauty buff I know!

Danielle Alexandria & I at the Meitu X Fashion Monitor bloggers lounge Feb 2017

As a result I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur on a constant search for the newest exciting beauty products to the market! Like my fashion, I favour bold looks and love innovative hair & Skincare to aid the pausing, if not the turning back, of the clock as I hit my mid-thirties this year. 

Mindful luxury 

I’ve also developed a deep interest as I get older for Mindful Luxury. That is, fashion & beauty that is kind to our bodies, our societies and our environment but still gives you that ‘ohhhhhhh’ feeling! I am very aware of the fact that I am NEVER going to buy a product just because its ‘Ethical’ but I’m not stupid either and am growing more aware of the damage some of my personal choices have on both myself and the environment. Like many people though, I have to love it, to feel lust for it, to feel I can’t live without it for it to come home with me. Therefore I try to seek out products and designers  that are just as exciting as a those power brands we all love in a quest to make both myself and my readers (that’s you guys!) think outside the box and find a balance as we take steps towards a more mindful existence.
Personal & Professional Life:

In Greece with my daughter Ivy, 10: Sept 2016

When I am not working on my blog I can be found either on location styling shoots, writing  for printed publications, rummaging for vintage designer gems and emerging designers for my brand COURTOIS CONCEPT or spending time with my four lunatic kids and their Daddy.

Family time with my daughter Coco Sailor, 6: August 2016

With three daughters and one son I do love playing a bit of dress-up with them, but they all have their own really strong sense of identity too so if it’s on this blog its been road tested my them first!

At Camp Bestival with my Son Wilder-McQueen, 4: July 2016

My goal for 2017 is to travel more, both with my partner on romantic weekend city breaks as time out from family life as well as exploring the globe with my kids.

My daughter India, 13, and I always happiest when eating! July 2016

Natalie xx

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