3 HOT Lipsticks!



Now those who know me (or who follow my Instagram) will know I favour a bright and bold lip. I’ll admit in recent months I have become a fan of a dark smokey eye with a nude lip (Mac’s Velvet Teddy being my go to) but come most days you’ll catch me reversing this order and sporting a nude eye and bold lipstick combo……

Store of the week | Oud Milano



Exciting news! The luxury make-up brand Oud Milano have landed in the U.K. with a standalone store in Oxford Street London……

Lipstick Queen Morning Sunshine



So as the sun is due to be shining for a whole week, I’m gonna go right ahead and start my summer Fashion & Beauty stories a week earlier then planned because:
A: I think we could all do with something to take our minds of the horrific headlines and B: Because it will prob rain next week for the official start of summer. Boo…..