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Dune Loves Rupert Sanderson: 21/3/17

Being a Fashion Editor/ Fashion & Beauty blogger means you get to see and hear of some exciting stuff waaaay before anyone else……READ MORE

LFW OUTFIT DAY 3: 15/3/17

Day 3. By now comfort is playing a key role in dressing for fashion week. I was very good and didn’t do a late one the night before as I knew we had A LOT of shows……READ MORE

LFW OUTFIT DAY 2: 14/3/17

Feeling a little tired, and feet well and truly killing me after yesterday’s disaster I woke up to dark under eye circles and crazy hair after the braiding session……READ MORE

LFW Outfit Day 1: 13/3/17

The first day of London Fashion Week is always a bit exciting, and it’s the day when you wear your most fashion-tastic outfit! It’s also the day of running around, trying to squeeze in as much as possible……READ MORE